40+ Best Couple Tattoo Designs for 2022 – Love, Heart & Other Tattoo Design Ideas for Couples

Getting Tattoo anywhere on body is the wonderful way to express love. In today’s generation not just couples get the tattoo to showcase their love towards their partner but Son, Daughter, Parents and even friends makes tattoo to express their love to their relatives, friends or closed ones. But couple tattoo is different thing when you gets the similar tattoo from your partner

Sometimes individual do gets the tattoo just before propose so, the partner can see the love in their eyes. It’s lovely, isn’t it? Yes, If you are in love with someone and wanted to get tattoo on your body then you should make a decision straight away. Wait, want to get similar tattoo as your partner at the same time? Well, don’t worry here we have compiled the list of best couple tattoo design ideas along with images to get inked in 2022. So, are you ready?

Before showing the amazing Couple Tattoo designs let’s see which are the tattoo design types are most popular or famous amongst the couples. Yes, couple tattoo designs vary depends upon the couples taste and where they live as well.

Couple tattoo design may get influence depends on the country, culture or even color so, make sure you choose couple tattoo design wisely because it will be there throughout your life unless and until you decides to remove it.

Popular Couple Tattoo Types

  • Traditional Tattoo Style
  • Realistic Tattoo Style
  • Watercolor Tattoo Style
  • Tribal Tattoo Style
  • Neo Traditional Tattoo Style
  • Japanese Tattoo Style
  • Many More..

Well, we are not here to write the complete book on tattoo designs so let’s stop there and now back to main business. Couple Tattoos should express the love itself so, when any third person sees the tattoo on your body then the impact of that tattoo should remain in their heart forever. Love is all about care, moments and memories so, choose wisely your best couple tattoo design.

I hope we are all clear now so, let’s move to see the best couple tattoo design ideas here.

Best Couple Tattoo Design Ideas for 2022

Date Tattoos (Numerical) Design Ideas for Couple

Date tattoo design is one of the most popular tattoo designs amongst couples. Couples do remember the first day of their meeting and remember the dates as well. If not then they definitely remember the day when any partner proposes other one. To remember this date forever in their heart they get the Date tattoo (Numerical Tattoo Design) on their hand or wrist. This date tattoo design is either simple numerical date or in Roman numeral as well. Date tattoo design would be the perfect choice for any couple so, go for it and get inked either on fingers, hand or wrist.


Cartoon Couple Tattoo for Couple

Isn’t it great when your choices and favorite things are similar to your partner? So, here if you and your partner loves cartoon then Cartoon Couple tattoo design would be the ideal choice for you. There are many popular cartoon or animated couples are there which could be the inspiration for your first or next tattoo. Few famous cartoon couple includes Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Aladdin & Jasmine, Fred & Wilma, Carl & Ellie (From UP Movie) and many more.


Heartbeat Couple Tattoo Design

Nothing can beat the heartbeat ever. At the time of proposal both partner’s heartbeat gets high because of nervousness, excitement, love and the most important moment. Once the partner approves of your proposal then the heartbeat becomes the normal thus heartbeat tattoo on wrist of fingers would be the best tattoo design for the couple. Many couples inked similar heartbeat tattoo design which is visible to partner and others.


The Skull Design Tattoo for Couple

If the couple is crazy and tilted towards some craziness then the Skull Design tattoo is for them. This skull design tattoo can be on hand, wrist and fingers. Black colored skull tattoo design on couple will look super cool so, don’t wait to get inked. This skull design tattoo is perfectly goes with halloween design costumes.


Couple Tattoos King and Queen

King and Queen Couple Tattoo design is one of the most popular tattoo designs since ages but only design changes. Yes, King and Queen Tattoo designs are different like “K & Q” letter from the cards, King and Queen Crown designs and even prints the lion and lioness as tattoo design on wrist.


Love Birds Tattoo for Couple

Love Birds are not just an ordinary bird couple but it’s small African and Madagascan parrot and they are very attractive birds for sure. Having love birds tattoo on hand or wrist defines the couple as a free thinking people.


Small Lock and Key Tattoos for Couple

If you think matching Heart Tattoos for Couples is common then you can go for small lock and key couple tattoo design. Partners can also give lock and key tattoo a creative touch by designing them in heart shape.


Watercolor Tattoos

Not interested to get a single colored tattoo on hand, wrist or a finger? Don’t worry you can ink the tattoo in watercolor as well. Many creative watercolor tattoo designs available including heart shape, birds shape and so on. Watercolor tattoo design will look incredible on your hand and wrist. Partner can also use the multiple watercolor in a single tattoo design and it may be identical or different to your partner’s hand.


Matching Couple Tattoo Idea with Anchors       

Matching Tattoo or identical tattoo design ideas for couple is also a unique way to explore the love or it looks amazing if you take a snap and flawlessly share on Instagram or even on Facebook. Partners or couples can choose many objects as matching tattoo design which may include the heart shape, birds shape or even Anchor design. Yes, Anchor tattoo design will hook you both in a creative way.


Sleeve Couple Tattoo Ideas

If you or your partner is diehard fans of tattoo design and already have several tattoos on your body then Sleeve tattoo design for you. In sleeve tattoo design partners can ink themselves from wrist to shoulder. Partners can either get tattoo of similar design or even choose the different tattoo design.


Puzzle Tattoos for Couples

Ever seen any Puzzle tattoo on any couple? If not then don’t worry here is wonderful puzzle tattoo design for you. I hope you know about the Jigsaw puzzle already so, in Jigsaw Puzzle tattoo design you get one piece of puzzle on your hand and your partner gets the another piece as a tattoo design. Check out below Puzzle tattoo design for better idea.


Coloured Designs

Above we already discussed about the watercolor tattoo design for couple but that was rough design. In colored tattoo design you will get the complete colored tattoo on your hand and wrist. This could be anything like animated cartoon couple, male & female birds or even lion and lioness. If you don’t like to get ink with single color design then this colored tattoo design is perfect for the couple.


Thread Tattoo Designs

If you think thread tattoo is only for single person then here you might lack the creativity. For couple tattoo design thread tattoo can be creative in which one thread is drawn in partner’s body and the other part in other’s body. If you connect both tattoo it completed the whole thread.


Couple Tattoos Quotes

If the couple is more into books then the small quotes as tattoo design would be the wonderful idea. IN small Quotes couples can choose 2 words, 3 words or even 4 words quote to get inked on either hand or wrist. If the quote is four words then each partner get 2 words each as a tattoo on their hands. While joining the both tattoo design the complete quote will be visible.


Ring Finger Tattoos for Couples

Isn’t it great if you get inked wonderful tattoo design in your ring finger same as your partner. In ring finger tattoo designs you get either inked Date or ring/band which looks quite unique and elegant in the finger. So, next time if you miss to wear the ring and someone asks you for dinner date then you can easily show the ring finger tattoo to them instead of ring.


Infinity Tattoo Design For Couples

There are plenty of objects available to choose from while selecting the right object as tattoo. If you don’t like Anchor tattoo or birds tattoo then simply go for Infinity tattoo design which represents your infinite love for your partner.


Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

Want to get any piece of your partner’s body to get inked on you? Well, don’t get anything wrong here because there is a way for it. In fingerprint heart tattoo design both partner’s fingerprints merged into a heart shape and can be inked as a tattoo later on hand or wrist. This could be one of the coolest and deepest ways to showcase your love to the world.


Classic Roses Tattoo Design

Roses are the classic way to propose your partner. So, why not roses as a tattoo design? There are millions of roses designs available as a tattoo so, don’t get confused while choosing the right one. Couple can get the roses as a tattoo design in various ways like identical, different color, different size or shape.


Mr. And Mrs. Tattoos

In Mr & Mrs tattoo design for couple you can either design the plain text of “Mr” & “Mrs”, Design Mustache and lips as a design or even King and Queen as well. All Mr.  & Mrs. Tattoo design will look elegant and effective on your wrist.


Wings Tattoo Design for Couple

Wings tattoo design would be the ideal tattoo design for the couples. In general way Wings symbolizes the freedom for the couple. Couples can get inked the Wings as a tattoo design either on the hand, wrist or even back of the neck. Make sure the wings tattoo design is the visible for your partner and other people.


Minimalist Tattoos of Common Interests

Minimalist tattoo design will be the trending tattoo design ideas for couple in 2022. In minimalist tattoo design ideas couple can choose their common interest as the tattoo. If the couple is interested to read the books then they can design small books and if they loves to play the music then they can design any musical instrument as the minimalist tattoo design. This Minimalist tattoo design will look perfect either on Hand or the wrist part. Make sure you gets the similar design then only this tattoo will look much more effective and elegant.


The Angel and Guardian

If you want to show the true meaning of love, protection and care then Angel and Guardian tattoo will be the perfect for the couple. In this Tattoo “The Angel” part which says “I am his Angel” will be on girl’s hand and “Her Guardian” will be on male partner’s hand.


The White Ink Tattoos

Not much couple uses this white ink tattoo because it’s not visible at first glance but if someone looks closely and carefully then the tattoo will be visible. In white ink tattoo design for couple the white colored ink is being used. Just like other tattoo design for couple in white ink tattoo couple can choose Date or any object as well.


X-O Tattoos

X-O stands for hugs and kisses. Here X signifies the kisses and O signifies the hugs. In X-O tattoo design for couple each partner get inked with single letter on the side of the wrist part.


Couple Name Tattoos

Getting partner’s name as tattoo design would be the best way to desire your extreme love. Few popular celebrities and personalities even inked their partner’s name on their hand. Yes, David Beckham inked Victoria’s name in Hindi language on his wrist where as Bollywood super star Saif Ali Khan inked his then Gf now wife “Karina” on his hand.


Identical Tattoo Designs

As mentioned earlier in many tattoo design ideas identical tattoo design is the most common tattoo design for the couple. In identical tattoo design couple can choose any object like rose, birds or even musical instrument.


The Sun and Moon Tattoo for Couples

Each and every tattoo design has the special meaning. Here the sun and moon tattoo signifies and represents the wholeness, balance and harmony. Here either you can get tattoo of Sun on Male partner’s hand and moon tattoo on female partner’s hand. If you want identical Sun and Moon tattoo together in one hand then you can also go for it because both Sun and Moon together resembles the divine energy of two opposites complementing each other.


The “Promise”

Tiny fingers making promise is the best glimpse for anyone. Here couple can get “Promise” tattoo design on their hand or wrist. This could be the identical tattoo design as well.


Little Drawings

Do you remember the Wall-E movie? Well, if yes then you should know that the robot in the movie was instant hit as a tattoo as well. Little drawing tattoo design would be the best if you are cute couple and want to get inked similar animated characters or even animated couples.


I Love You Tattoo Design

Which was the first sentence came out from your mouth while proposing him or her to be your partner? Of course it would be “I Love You”. There isn’t any replacement of “I Love You” to express your love to your partner and it would be much better if you couple get the “I Love You” Tattoo design together.


Cross Tattoo Design

If the couples are having spiritual or religious beliefs then cross tattoo design for them will be the perfect in 2022. A simple identical cross tattoo design on wrist would be the best way to express the love.


Large Tattoo Design

Few couple may love the small tattoo design while others may like the large and big tattoo design which is visible quite good on wrist. Couple can choose any big object like roses, lock & key, birds or anything for a large tattoo design.


Language Tattoo

Spanish, French, Hindi or even Sanskrit language is the trending language to get as the tattoo design on hand. Choose or design any word you like and translate it into other language and get inked on your and partner’s hand.

Small Couple Tattoos

Origami Birds

If you like to become a unique couple then go for some unique tattoo design ideas. Origami is the art of folding paper and turns into decorative shapes and figures. Couple can choose any popular shape and design to get inked on the hand.


Diamond Tattoo

Diamond tattoo design will be the small and classic tattoo design idea for the couple. If the couple is looking for small tattoo design then just get diamond as the tattoo on finger. Just make sure the diamond tattoo design on the similar finger of both the couple else it will be difficult while clicking photo or showing someone else like friends or relatives.


Tiny Heart Tattoo

Heart represents the pure meaning of love and getting heart tattoo will be the attractive tattoo design. Couple can go to the minimalist design as well and can get small and tiny tattoo design on fingers just like below.


Triangle Tattoo Design

Triangle tattoo design is not just a normal and simple tattoo design because you can go with the creative way. Yes, on one hand you can ink filled triangle and on other hand you can draw simple blank triangle tattoo.


Flowers Tattoo

As we discussed earlier that rose tattoo design for couple is the most popular and trending tattoo idea for the couple. Flower tattoo design will be there forever so, you can decide tattoo design in another flower as well. In general sense girls or women do like the flowers more but that doesn’t mean men won’t like the floral tattoo.


Small Birds Tattoo

“Fly like birds”. If the couple is independent and believe in open love then flying small birds tattoo design would be the perfect for them. Couple can choose small birds as a tattoo on side wrist or on hand.


Card Design Tattoo

Card design tattoo doesn’t mean you had to design the whole card as a tattoo on hand. Here couple can just get inked King and Queen Symbol with heart shape on finger. Just make sure this design is on the side part of the finger.


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