15 Popular Old Cartoon Network Shows of 90’s Dubbed in Hindi

If you are 90’s kid then you are the luckiest person to experience luxury in terms of entertainment. During the 90’s there was a flood of tv shows, cartoon shows and good amount of movies which we still watch on TV and internet.

During 90’s childhood days we don’t have internet so, we can’t see some popular hindi web series but just the television and that too black & white. In late 2000’s we were able to experience color TV at our home. If you have TV at your home and don’t have internet then TV timings distributed between mom, dad and siblings. Mom use to watch some movies where as dad loves to watch TV and news. But the maximum watching time was for kids. Kids love to watch cartoon all day long no matter which cartoon comes on tv because at that time all cartoons were popular.

I still remember coming home early from school to watch my favorite cartoon in evening that was Pokemon and Bayblade. During the 90’s you don’t have any time table about which cartoon will premiere on TV at which time thus you had to check news paper every morning.

During 90’s Cartoon Network channel was the top channel to experience all the cartoons. Today we have compiled the list of best and most popular old cartoon network shows which also dubbed in Hindi language.

Some of the cartoon network shows doesn’t have any hindi dub as it has only background music like Tom & Jerry.

15 Most Popular Old Cartoon Network Shows

Here we have compiled the list of most popular and old cartoon network shows which are available in hindi language as well. We have grown up by watching this cartoon shows and still searches for it on YouTube and other platforms.

#1 Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo was one of the most popular and old cartoon network show dubbed in Hindi and loved by all children. Scooby Doo is cartoon show about mystery and adventure. In Scooby Doo cartoon show has main 5 characters including Brainiac Velma, jock Fred, fashionista Daphne, hippie Shaggy, and Shaggy’s talking dog Scooby Doo.

In Scooby Doo cartoon show all 5 characters drives in their mystery green van on the road in search of some weird phenomena or cases to solve. If they don’t find such cases that doesn’t means they don’t get one rather some mysteries falls into their lap automatically.

#2 Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo was one of the funniest old cartoon network shows with some adult humor. Johnny Bravo is muscular young man who always flirts with young women and tries to get them for the date but always fails.

Johnny Bravo’s characteristic includes black glasses, long yellow hairs and black Tshirt which makes him look dashing. He gets the success most of the time when it comes to date girls but due to his dumbness and luck he always gets rejection.

Children’s in 90’s idolized him as they wanted some flirting skills and body like Johnny Bravo when they grow up. And yes, Johnny Bravo was truly mamma’s boy.

#3 The Mask

The Mask was one of the most hilarious old cartoon network show ever released. The Mask animated show was adaption from the movie on same name in which Jim Carrey played the main role.

In this Cartoon show many characters from the movie removed but still it made us laugh with unique style, dialogues and ticklish things.

In The Mask a man finds one mystical mask which allows anyone to make all sorts of unusual things. After wearing the mask men turns himself into various characters based on the scene. The Mask became popular amongst the kid due to his green face and yellow suit. Not just that but the way Mask character fights with villain and flirts with the women was hilarious.

#4 Popeye

Popeye the sailor man is one of the oldest cartoon network show which became instant hit amongst the kids. Popeye is the sailor in this cartoon show and he loves Olive who is the love of his life but there is third person called Bluto who also loves the Olive. Popeye tries everything to win the love from Olive but bluto ruins everything.

Bluto is very strong man and on other hand popeye is not muscular. Bluto often beats him when it comes to fight but Popeye has one secret which allows him to beat Bluto. Popoye gets the power or strength from eating Spinach so, each time he eats it and defeats the bluto and other villains.

Popeye was the role model of kids and their parents because due to popeye’s habit of eating Spinach and getting strength. After seeing this cartoon kids were started to eat the Spinach which is good for body and health. Apart from Cartoon popeye also appeared in Comic Books, Video games and hundreds of advertisements.

#5 Powerpuff Girls

During childhood we have seen many superhero cartoon shows but all superheroes were older. Powerpuff girls were the only superhero cartoon show with 3 kindergarten aged girls with super powers. These girls’ namers are Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup with some unique powers.

These superheroes made from scientific experiments where all 3 girls protect the world from mad scientists, bank robbers, aliens and deadly villains. If you want to see some good villains then do watch this show which is also available in Hindi.

#6 Dexter’s Laboratory

Even after these many years adults still can’t forget the introduction of Dexter’s Lab cartoon where Dexter goes underground to his lab and how his sister dismantles everything.

Dexter is a genius child who invents mind blowing machines to save the world from enemies in his secret laboratory. Dexter has the secret identity which no one knows about. His elder sister Dee Dee often comes to his lab and wrecks his experiments.

No one knows about the Dexter’s secret lab including his arch rival Mandark from Huber Elementary school and of course his parents as well.

#7 Pokemon

Pokemon was one of the most viewed cartoon show of all time. Not just kids but this show was even enjoyed by adults during 90’s and till date. In Pokemon cartoon show Ash is the pokemon master who travels around the world with his friends to capture pocket monster.

Pikachu is the partner pokemon of Ash who also travels with him. Pikachu is considered as one of the most powerful pokemon. Ash also participates in various pokemon battling tournaments which is called as Pokemon league.

Most hilarious part of Pokemon cartoon show was Team Rocket who tries to capture Pikachu from Ash but often fails. Pokemon has some very good battles which loved by the kids.

#8 Tom & Jerry

Do we need any introduction for Tom & Jerry? Tom & Jerry is most watched cartoon show in the history of television. Tom & Jerry is most loved characters amongst the kids due to their comedy, actions, story and specially fights.

In Tom & Jerry cartoon show Tom is cat where as Jerry is Mice and both fights each other day and night. Both Tom & Jerry lives in the same house and Jerry often tries to fight with Tom by disturbing him one way other.

If you don’t love Tom & Jerry cartoon then you are not the right audience to watch the cartoon. Till date if any Tom & Jerry show comes up in social media feed then we just can’t skip it and has to watch it till end.

We just love the chemistry between tom & jerry and other characters on this show.

#9 Aladdin

Aladdin cartoon was little bit towards young children as it’s based on love story with some amazing characters. Aladdin specially loved by kids because of it’s one character named Genie.

Aladdin is thief who falls in love with the princess names Jasmine but can’t marry her because he himself is not a prince. Aladdin’s partner is abu (monkey) who ordered by Jafar the royal vizier to collect the lamp from cave of wonders. Somehow Aladdin was able to get hands on the lamp and also found magic carpet from the cave.

Aladdin finally touched the lamp and met genie who lives inside it – Genie allowed 3 wishes to Aladdin and then adventure begins. Aladdin movie was also released in 2019 based on the cartoon but failed on box office where Will Smith played the role of the Genie.

#10 The Jungle Book

If you are not aware about the Jungle Book then we would like to inform you that you missed some very important happiness during your childhood. The Jungle Book is adored by all the kids and their parents.

We can still hummer the tune “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali he Pata Chala He” of the cartoon show. Jungle Book is the story of little kid who raised by Wolves in the jungle. Apart from wolves other animals also became his friends and tought him some important lesions to stay alive in the Jungle like Bagheera & Baalo.

Biggest villain of The Jungle Book was Sherkhan who wants to eat the Mowgli as he thinks the jungle belongs to animals only not a human. Many movies and games also made on The Jungle Book which is immense hit amongst the kids.

#11 Captain Planet

During the 90’s there were many cartoon shows spreading positivity and messages amongst the kids. Just like Popeye inspired kids to eat healthy food, Captain Planet was biggest inspiration amongst kids to stop the pollution during the 90’s.

Gaia is the spirit of the planet who assembles a team of planeteers who can combine their power and call superhero captain planet so, he can defend the earth from pollution created by criminals and villains. Captain Planet has some deadly villains including Hoggish Greedly, Dr. Blight and Looten Plunder.

#12 The Addams Family

During the 90’s most of the cartoon shoes music was instant hit specially the Intro part and BGM. The Addams Family cartoon show was amongst them which have very good music in intro.       

#13 Mr. Bean

Technically Mr. Bean is enjoyed by 3 generations now. Rowan Atkinson is the main Mr. Bean who loved by kids. Mr. Bean has the childish behavirour and mind who tries to complete his daily tasks anyhow with his car and rabbit.

Mr. Bean never able to complete any single task successfully and ends up creating some big trouble for himself and others. Till date many Mr. Bean shows are viral on Internet and many movie makers actually copied some scenes from it.

#14 Ed, Edd & Eddy

Ed, Edd & Eddy was one of the funniest cartoon show released till date. This cartoon show is all about friends trio who loves to do some adventurous things in life. All three friends doesn’t have any mind but Eddy was the main “Idea guy” who drags his 2 friends into dangerous things and creates trouble.

#15 X Men

X Men doesn’t require any introduction as it’s one of the most popular and old cartoon show loved by kids and adults. During 90’s it was instant hit amongst the kid but in early 2000 it was adapted into movie series and people went crazy behind it.

X-Men movie is series still running successfully with new movie after few years. In X-Men the main character is professor Charles Xavier who has some courageous group of mutants who always ready to fight against corrupt government agencies and super villain Magneto.

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