18 Best Web Series to Watch on Netflix – What to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is working hard to produce and publish top-class web series on the platform. Over the years, Netflix has published many thriller, crime, sci-fi, suspense, and mystery genre web series on the platform, and viewers loved it.

Netflix web series also broke all kinds of records like Squid Game which is the most-watched web series on Netflix with 1.65 billion hours of watch time. Recently Stranger Things season 4 was launched on Netflix, which has 287 million hours of watch time which beats Bridgerton’s watch time of 193 million watch hours during the debut weekend.

So many web series are already lined up to release on Netflix whereas some old web series are still winning the hearts on the platform, like Breaking Bad, Seinfeld and Friends.

Most Viewed Netflix Web Series

RankSeries NameWatch Hours
1Squid Game (season 1) 1.65 billion hours.
2Stranger Things (season 4) 1.31 billion hours.
3Money Heist (part 5) 792.2 million hours.
4Bridgerton (season 2) 656.3 million hours.
5Bridgerton (season 1) 625.5 million hours.
6Money Heist (part 4) 619 million hours.
7Stranger Things (season 3) 582.1 million hours.
8Lucifer (season 5) 569.5 million hours.
9All of Us Are Dead 560.8 million hours.
10The Witcher (season 1) 541 million hours.
11Inventing Anna 511.9 million hours
1213 Reasons Why (season 2) 496.1 million hours.
13Ozark (season 4) 491.1 million hours.
14The Witcher (season 2) 484.3 million hours.
1513 Reasons Why (season 1) 475.6 million hours
16Maid 469.1 million hours.
17You (season 3) 467.8 million hours.
18You (season 2) 457.4 million hours.
19Stranger Things (season 2) 427.4 million hours.
20Money Heist (part 3) 426.4 million hours.
21Sex Education (season 3) 419 million hours.
22Money Heist (part 5) 395.1 million hours.
23Ginny & Georgia (season 1) 381 million hours.
24Café con Aroma de Mujer (season 1) 326.9 million hours.
25Lupin (part 1) 316.8 million hours.
26Elite (season 3) 275.3 million hours.
27Who Killed Sara? (season 1) 266.4 million hours.
28Elite (season 4) 257.1 million hours.
29The Queen of Flow (season 2) 230.3 million hours.
30Lupin (part 2) 214.1 million hours.
31Dark Desire (season 1) 213 million hours.

Here we have handpicked some of the best web series on Netflix, which you can watch in the US, UK, or India. Few of the web series are freshly released on Netflix, whereas many web series are old but still very fresh to watch in 2022.

18 Best Web Series to Watch on Netflix Right Now

#1 Squid Game

Genre – Action, Drama | Total Seasons – 1 | IMDB Rating – 8.0

When Squid Game K-Drama was released on Netflix, instantly it’s taken the world by storm and became the first Korean drama to reach on top position on Netflix in the US. So far, Squid Game is one of the best web series on Netflix watched by millions and has 1.65+ billion hours of watch time.

Technically Squid Game opened the doors for other Korean dramas on Netflix. After the squid game, many viewers started watching other popular K-drama web series on Netflix and loved it. Not just web series, but fans also loved watching Korean movies on Netflix.

Squid Game invites/kidnaps the people with the financial struggle to participate in a survival competition game with different stages. Squid game has various traditional games that many participants may have played during childhood. To survive in the game, they have to win every game and can win ₩45.6 billion.

#2 Dark

Genre – Mystery, Crime, Drama | Total Seasons – 3 | IMDB Rating – 8.7

Dark is German science fiction Netflix original thriller web series based on Time Travel. Dark web series based in the town called windson where one child disappeared and how four estranged families are connected with the time travel conspiracy.

Dark has three seasons and BBC culture ranked Dark as one of the greatest TV series of the 21st Century. Dark has some mind-twisted scenes, and the background music is genuinely epic, making you wonder what will happen next. Every character in this web series has done justice to their part. In 3rd Season there is some lengthy discussion scene that could have been avoided but the climax of the Dark web series is truly epic.

Dark is one of the most underrated web series on Netflix as it’s started slowly in the beginning, but it gets some pace in 2nd or 3rd episode. Dark is successful web series due to word of mouth and 3 seasons are worth watching on Netflix.

#3 Stranger Things

Genre – Drama, Fantasy, Horror | Total Seasons – 4 | IMDB Rating – 8.7

Stranger Things is one of the highest-rated web series on Netflix, and it’s undoubtedly a binge-watch web series. The Duffer brothers made this web series and gave the audience an unbelievable 70s and 80s reference.

Stranger Things web series is about horrific monsters and demons and how they affected the lives of a small town in Indiana named Hawkins. A group of young friends gets to experience the supernatural forces and dangerous government experiments on humans. These friends tried to dig for some answers for this and unraveled some mysterious events surrounding it.

Stranger Things is one of the costliest web series ever made. Recently, Netflix released Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 on the platform, saying that the cost of each episode is a whopping $30 million. The cost is worth it to make Stranger Things on the top chart of Netflix, and it has so many hours of watch time, and it’s breaking records in the history of web series on Netflix.

#4 Friends

Genre – Comedy, Romance | Total Seasons – 10 | IMDB Rating – 8.9

Friends web series doesn’t need any introduction as it’s one of the most-watched and best web series of the 90s. Friends web series might be the first web series for every ’90s kid to watch on TV. Every character of the Friends web series was epic, be it Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, or Ross.

A group of 6 friends lives in New York and how they juggle through their personal life, love life and in their career. Every episode shows romantic adventures and true emotions. Some episodes even have funny scenes, and some fight as well. When this web series aired on TV, every viewer felt connected with the characters of the web series as they find either itself in the character of some of their friends are an exact copy of the Friends characters.

If you have never watched any Web Series, do watch Friends first on Netflix. It will open the doors of your love towards web series.

#5 House of Cards

Genre – Drama | Total Seasons – 6 | IMDB Rating – 8.7

House of Cards is an American political drama thriller web series created by Beau Willimon. House of Cards is one of the highest-rated web series available on Netflix, with 8.7 ratings on IMDB. House of Cards web series is an adaption of the BBC series of 1990 with the same name which was based on the 1989 novel by Michael Dobbs and it has the same name again.

If anyone wants to understand US politics, its structure, different department, and other political stuff then do watch the House of Cards web series. This web series has so many twists and turns surrounding political situations and how one deals with them so casually and naturally.

As said House of Cards was the first web series ever which was produced by a studio for Netflix. The story of House of Cards was surrounded by Kevin Spacey who plays the role of Frank Underwood. Kevin remains the House Majority Whip for Democrats but wants to possess more power; thus he plays some internal politics to get the best seat in the house.

#6 Suits

Genre – Drama | Total Seasons – 9 | IMDB Rating – 8.5

Suits is an American legal drama web series that premiered on 23rd June 2011. In Suits there is one fictional law firm based in New York where Mike Ross played by Patrick Adams has a wonderful eidetic memory and gets the job in this law firm. Mike Ross gets to work with one of the most successful lawyers of New York city named Harvey Specter played by Gabriel Macht. Mike Ross is a college dropout student and never went to any law school and still gets to work in a law firm illegally. Both Ross and Harvey are winning incredible lawsuits and closing some cases.

If you are really into the legal world or want to understand how the legal system works, then you should definitely watch the Suits web series. Makers tried their best to share some good knowledge about law and legal terms via the Suits web series to the audience. Suits have total 9 seasons and all episodes are available on Netflix.

#7 The Queen’s Gambit

Genre – Drama | Total Seasons – 1 | IMDB Rating – 8.6

The Queen’s Gambit is one of the most popular web series on Netflix. This web series is based on the 1983 novel by the same name by Walter Tevis. The Queen’s Gambit miniseries is written and directed by Scott Frank. The story of this miniseries is from the beginning of the mid-1950s to the 1960s.  

This is the story of Beth Harmon who is a fictional chess prodigy and how she becomes the top chess player in the world and simultaneously struggles with drugs and alcohol issues. Just after four weeks of its release, The Queen’s Gambit became the most-watched web series on Netflix and also became the top show to watch in 63 countries. Some surveys and data suggest that this miniseries is the reason behind the increase of public interest in the game. Many young kids started buying chess after watching this mini webseries. It also boosted the sale of the novel by the same name. It’s incredible web series to watch on Netflix due to its performance, cinematography and chess play.

#8 Breaking Bad

Genre – Thriller, Crime, Drama | Total Seasons – 5 | IMDB Rating – 9.5

Breaking Bad is all-time great web series without any doubts and second thoughts in mind. Breaking Bad web series set and filmed in New Mexico and has the story about Walter White played by Bryan Cranston. Walter White is underpaid and overqualified working as a chemistry teacher and also struggling with stage-3 lung cancer. Slowly Walter turned his life towards crime, and his partner was his former student Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron paul.

Both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman navigate dangerously toward the underworld criminal world. Breaking Bad show was first aired on 20th January 2008 and it has total 5 seasons and 62 episodes. The story, acting, dialogues, locations and everything is damn good in this web series which makes it the No 1 web series in the world.

#9 Money Heist


Genre – Thriller, Crime, Drama | Total Seasons – 5 | IMDB Rating – 8.2

Money Heist is Spanish crime drama series about bank heist involving large group of people. Money Heist web series is one of the most watched web shows on Netflix. This web series is revolves around 2 different heist led by the professor played by Alvaro Morte. The first heist happens in Royal Mint of Spain where as second heist happens in the Bank of Spain.

The Professor hires various people to do this job with different skills and background. The most important part of this web series is about how they finish the job with lots of twists and turns. Originally this web series was considered as flop in Spain but when Netflix purchased the rights and promoted it differently on the platform then it became instant hit.

#10 Lupin

Genre – Action, Crime, Drama | Total Seasons – 2 | IMDB Rating – 7.5

Lupin is mystery and thriller web series based in French language. This web series is created by George Kay and Francois Uzan and premiered on 8th Jan 2021. Lupin has 2 seasons and each season consist 5 episodes. Recently Netflix renewed Lupin for 3rd season and viewers are excited for the same.

If you are bored of same old thief drama then do watch Lupin web series with some new fresh content. Lupin is the story of Assane Diop who is obsessed and inspired by Arsene Lupin which is a character created by Maurice Leblanc in early 1900s. Arsene Lupin was the master of disguise and gentlemen thief and has so many tricks under his belt. Lupin first season was blockbuster and viewers loved it where as second season seems like little stretched without any proper twist and turn.

#11 Kingdom

Genre – Action, Horror, Drama | Total Seasons – 2 | IMDB Rating – 8.3

Kingdom is South Korean zombie thriller and horror web series created and written by Kim Eun-Lee. Kingdom web series is based on webtoon series called The Kingdom of Gods. There are many web series available on Zombie terror but Kingdom is one of the best web series on Zombies.

Kingdom web series is set in 16th century three years after the Imjin War. This web series has some political thriller as well apart from Zombie terror and it has one of the best fights which keep you on the edge of your seat. Lee Chang is the crown prince of Joseon and investigates mysterious illness which affected the king. Upon investigating this illness he found that this plague spread across the kingdom and people are becoming zombie and killing other people.

#12 The 100

Genre – Action, Sci-Fi, Drama | Total Seasons – 7 | IMDB Rating – 7.6

The 100 is science fiction web series based on post apocalyptic world. The 100 web series is based on survivors of the post-apocalyptic who lives in the space habitat called Ark. These survivors decided to return to earth after nearly a century of nuclear apocalypse to check if the earth is safe to live or not. They have sent the group of juvenile on earth to check the atmosphere and other survivors of nuclear disaster.

Once they lands on the earth they found that the earth is livable but with few conditions. There are many survivors are on ground who doesn’t like to see other people. The 100 shot in some deep jungle and has some fabulous scenes of nature. If you love some science drama then do watch The 100 web series on Netflix. The 100 has total 7 seasons and one of the top rated web series of Netflix.

#13 The Crown

Genre – Biography, Drama, History | Total Seasons – 5 | IMDB Rating – 8.7

The Crown is a historical drama web series based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth ll. The Crown web series is written by peter morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures television. It is said that Morgan has developed this web series based on his drama film The Queen (2003) and his stage play named The Audience (2013).

The Crown has total 5 seasons and each season covers the period historic drama surrounded by Queen Elizabeth. It covers from Queen Elizabeth’s marriage with Philip to Prince Charles’s marriage with Lady Diana. It also showcase the history of few past prime ministers along with some historical political dramas. If you love watching some period web series then do watch The Crown.

#14 Ozark

Genre – Crime, Thriller, Drama | Total Seasons – 4 | IMDB Rating – 8.5

Ozark is crime drama web series created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. Ozark web series is one of the most popular web series to watch on Netflix. Ozark has won several nominations at primetime emmy awards and in Golden Globe awards.

Jason Bateman (Marty) and Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde) is a married couple in this web series. Marty is playing the role of financial advisor in this web series where he wrapped up in one money laundering scheme of Mexican drug cartel and had to move from Chicago to Missouri. Here in Missouri Marty is working on some larger operation to make amends to a Mexican drug cartel.

#15 HellBound

Genre – Crime, Drama, Fantasy | Total Seasons – 1 | IMDB Rating – 6.6

In last one decade South Korea is releasing back to back superhit movies and web series on several OTT platforms. HellBound is south Korean dark fantasy web series directed by Yeon Sang-Ho based on his own webtoon creation with the same name.

HellBound web series is about supernatural monsters appearing from nowhere and condemn people to hell for some reasons. All 3 monsters comes together to condemn people to hell at a future time which might be either seconds or years away. Few organizations got the opportunity to gain power by playing with people’s fear. If you really love some fantasy drama and emotion of characters then do watch HellBound web series on Netflix.

#16 Lucifer

Genre – Crime, Drama, Fantasy | Total Seasons – 6 | IMDB Rating – 8.1

Lucifer is an American fantasy web series based on one DC comics character which was first introduced in comic book series called The Sandman. This web series story revolves around Lucifer Morningstar who is Devil in the version of DC Universe who left the Hell and lives in Los Angeles and running his luxurious nightclub named Lux.

Lucifer Morningstar later became the consultant at Los Angeles Police Department and became partner of Detective Chloe Decker. Lucifer helps in solving cases for LAPD with the help of Detective Decker, Detective Dan and Anna. In this web series there is a lots of drama in Lucifer’s family which includes his Dad who is god, His brother and His mom who is goddess. Each episode consists one separate case involving some tricky situation and makers perfectly captured the emotion of Los Angeles in this web series. This web series has total 6 seasons and it’s a roller coaster ride to watch on Netflix.

#17 The Umbrella Academy

Genre – Action, Adventure, Drama | Total Seasons – 3 | IMDB Rating – 8.0

The Umbrella Academy is superhero genre web series based on the comic book on the same name written by Gerard Way. The Umbrella Academy set in one universe where 43 women gave the birth simultaneously on 1st October, 1989 around the world. Each women doesn’t show any sign of pregnancy and the labor began suddenly.

Seven kids were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves who is a billionaire and built one superhero team. Each superhero kid then reunited to find and solve the mystery of their father’s death. The Umbrella Academy web series was released in 2019 and Netflix reported that it has been watched by 45 million households that means The Umbrella Academy was the most streamed web series of 2019.

#18 Fargo

Genre – Crime, Drama, Thriller| Total Seasons – 5 | IMDB Rating – 8.9

Fargo is one of the most underrated web series on Netflix. Fargo web series is created and written by Noah Hawley which inspired by 1996 movie with the same name. The Fargo movie was written and directed by Coen brothers and they agreed to be executive producers when they read the script.

Fargo has total 5 seasons and each season has different cast, story, new characters and everything except little overlap. Each season has some nuances from coen brothers films which we can see clearly in the web series. Fargo web series won the several awards as well. If you love to see some dark comedy, exciting thriller story and screenplay then do watch Fargo. Each and every season has some brilliant story line and acting.

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