Marvel Avengers EndGame Movie Hindi Voice Dubbing Cast List


Avengers next movie’s trailer is launched and it looks quite amazing. The fourth movie of Marvel’s Avengers called as “EndGame”. Surprised? Yes, we are too. Earlier Mark Ruffalo revealed that next Avengers movie title would be Avengers Annihilation but recent trailer made it clear that Mark Ruffalo was bluffing on Jimmy Fallon show. Every Avengers fan was eagerly waiting for this trailer and wanted to see some action but to contrast of it the trailer was quite emotional.

Avengers EndGame Hindi Trailer

Avengers EndGame trailer didn’t revealed every character but shown first members of Avengers team. The trailer started with Iron Man who missed in the space along with Nebula after the Titan’s defeat with Thanos. Tony was recording the message for Pepper Potts and showed that how he is short of water, food and oxygen resources. Captain America can be seen without beards where as Black Widow was in her previous look from Avengers Infinity War. Bruce Banner was looking at the screen who dies in Thanos’s snap. It showed Peter Parker (Spider Man), Scott Lang (Ant Man) & Shuri (Black Panther’s sister). Thor was also seen in the trailer with hoody but without any dialogue. Thanos’s armor can be seen in the trailer as a scarecrow, which makes it clear that Thanos became a farmer. The biggest face of this trailer was Clint Barton who became ronin.

The other characters like Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, War Machine etc. missed in the first trailer. There wasn’t any fight or action scene in the trailer. At the end of the trailer there is a hint about time travel as scott lang can be seen at the door of Captain America who was missing in Quantum Realm in last part of Ant-Man movie.

Indian fans are desperately looking forward to watch this movie which will release on April 19 – 2019. Indian fans love to watch movie in Hindi language and they do remember the voice of their favorite super hero character who they watches since last 10 years. So, here is the list of Artists or cast who provided hindi dubbing voice to marvel super heroes in Avengers EndGame movie.

Avengers EndGame Hindi Voice Dubbing Cast

Here is the brief list of Avengers EndGame hindi voice dubbing artists list. In below list we have also added the main characters / super heroes from Avengers EndGame who lends their own voice in English movie.

CharacterOriginal actorHindi Dubbing actor
Tony Stark / Iron ManRobert Downey, Jr.Rajesh Khattar
Steven Rogers / Captain AmericaChris EvansJoy Sengupta
T’Challa / Black PantherChadwick BosemanViraj Adhav
ThorChris HemsworthGaurav Chopra
Carol Danvers / Captain MarvelBrie LarsonPooja Kanwal
Bruce Banner / HulkMark RuffaloSamay Raj Thakkar
Natasha Romanoff / Black WidowScarlett JohanssonNeshma Chemburkar
LokiTom HiddlestonSaptrishi Ghosh
James Rhodes / War MachineDon CheadleRajesh Jolly
Doctor StrangeBenedict CumberbatchMohan Kapoor
Peter Parker / Spider- ManTom HollandVaibhav Thakkar
Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet WitchElizabeth OlsenPooja Punjabi
Sam Wilson / FalconAnthony MackieAnuj Gurwara
Bucky Barnes / Winter SoldierSebastian StanManish Wadhwa
Clint Barton / Hawkeye / RoninJeremy RennerSanket Mhatre
WongBenedict WongRaja Sevak
Pepper PottsGwyneth PaltrowAranya Kaur
Star Lord / Peter QuillChris PrattRohit Roy
GamoraZoe SaldanaMona Shetty
NebulaKaren GillanTina Parekh
MantisPom KlementieffMuskaan Jafri
DraxDave BautistaPawan Kalra
RocketBradley CooperNinad Kamat
GrootVin DieselVin Diesel
OkoyeDanai GuriraMeena Ramraj Nahta
Ebony MawTom Vaughan – LawlorVinod Kulkarni
THANOSJosh BrolinNinad Kamat
VisionPaul BettanyAtul Kapoor
Nick FurySamual L. JacksonShakti Singh
Ant-ManPaul RuddSahil Vaid

If you haven’t seen the Indian voice artists who regularly lends their voice in Hollywood movies then here we have compared the EndGame original voice with Hindi dubbing artist.

#1 Nick Fury – Shakti Singh


In Marvel Avengers movie series Nick Fury’s character is very important as he is the main person behind building the Avengers team. Nick Fury is the leading agent of fictional espionage agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. Shakti Singh given hindi voice to Nick Fury’s character in Avengers movie series.

#2 Gamora – Mona Shetty (Ghosh)


In Marvel Avengers movie series Nick Fury’s character is very important as he is the main person behind building the Avengers team. Nick Fury is the leading agent of fictional espionage agency called S.H.I.E.L.D. Shakti Singh given hindi voice to Nick Fury’s character in Avengers movie series.

#3 Iron Man (Tony Stark) – Rajesh Khattar


Iron Man is one of the most popular characters in Marvel comics and specially in India he is popular because of his voice. The iconic Iron Man role played by Robert Downey Jr. and hindi voice given by Rajesh Khattar. Rajesh Khattar is versatile voice dubbing artist in India given his voice to many iconic characters including Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

#4 Star Lord – Rohit Roy


Marvel Comics fans started hating star lord character in Infinity War because of his mistake. Star Lord Character played by Chris Pratt who also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy movie along with Zoe. Rohit Roy has given his Hindi voice to Star Lord’s character and believe me it’s quite hilarious.

#5 Thanos – Ninad Kamat


Thanos is one of the most dangerous villains of Marvel comics. Josh Brolin played the part of Thanos in both Avengers EndGame and Infinity War movie. Thanos is smartest villain and character in Marvel universe and acquired all the stones in Infinity war to eliminate half of the universe. Ninad Kamat who is also appeared in many Bollywood movies and also worked on many Ads as well given his hindi voice to Thanos.

#6 Dr. Strange – Mohan Kapoor

Mohan kapoor is renowed Indian actor worked in many movies and TV series including Hostages part 2 series, Jolly LLB and Mission Mangal. He also lends his voice for quite a few characters in hollywood movies. Mohan Kapoor is the main hindi voice behind popular marvel super her Doctor Strange.

#7 Spider Man – Vaibhav Thakkar


In Spiderman HomeComing movie Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff gave his voice and received mixed reactions from the audience. Vaibhav Thakkar is the original hindi dubbing artist of Spider Man and we can proudly say that he is perfect voice for all the Spider Man movies.

#8 Vision – Atul Kapoor (Big Boss Voice)


#9 Thor – Gaurav Chopra


#10 Captain America – Joy Sengupta


#11 Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner) – Samay Thakkar


#12 Black Panther – Viraj Adhav


#13 Black Widow – Neshma Chemburkar


#14 Captain Marvel – Pooja Kanwal

#15 Ant-Man – Sahil Vaid


Captain Marvel movie is not released yet but circular says that Meghna Erande is the hindi voice dubbing artist for Captain Marvel movie. In the hindi trailer of Avengers EndGame Captain America’s voice seems like changed so, need to look on it.

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