12 Photos Which Looks like Photoshopped but actually are real

Have you ever confused after seeing photographs whether they are real or not? Let’s check out 12 photographs which looks like photoshopped but actually are real.

#1 UFO in the Sky

Did you notice the UFO? This cloud is lenticular cloud which looks like UFO.


#2 60 Feet Sinkhole

You might see this image during 2010. This image is from Guetemala city where accidently created 60 feet wide and 200 feet sinkhole which took world by storm.

60 feet sinkhole

#3 Optical Illusion

This clear water shadow is creating magnificent optical illusion.


#4 Can’t believe in my eyes

This is not a scene from any sci-fi movie or game, they are actually trees


#5 Some serious work has been done

This is actual building and don’t fall in trap. Many people don’t believe until they see it with naked eye.


#6 I love Australia

This is frying pan sculpture from Sydney, Australia


#7 No, It’s not a sinkhole in sea

This is a plug hole in Ladybower Reservoir in UK and created to prevent flood situation of the dam.


#8 Isn’t it photoshopped

If you are outside the Paris city hall then you will see the giant sphere but actually is flat which creates optical illusion


#9 No, This image is not from any game

This is one of the best sights which you will find in Netherlands. Modern dykes, Windmills and Highway all at one place.


#10 Dream place to Visit

This is the image from New York where road is separates New York City and Central Park.


#11 Artist is clever

At first this image will blow your mind because it looks like 4 different image, but what if I tell you this is one single image where a bunch of objects are cleverly aligned.


#12 Sculpture in New Zealand

No, This is not the view from any cartoon show. This is actually a sculpture which looks like a cartoon in New Zealand.


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