Halloween Costume Ideas – Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Men, Women, Kids & Friends

Halloween Day or Halloween festival is celebrated on 31st October every year in several countries. Halloween festival is one of the most popular festivals in western world. On Halloween Day several parties also conducted specially on Halloween themes. Wearing costumes on Halloween was started in Scotland back in 1585 but it’s not confirmed yet. On Halloween day people should wear something unique, weird, and creative and specially frightened which scares other people. Many people love to wear costume based on movie characters, objects such as radio or books and many other things. Earlier Halloween costumes worn mainly by the young people but from the mid 20th century it became so popular that Kids, Adults, Toddlers, Men, Women, Elders and all age group loves to wear Halloween costumes on Halloween day. The main attraction of Halloween day or Halloween festival is mainly different and creative Halloween costumes.

In early times Halloween costumes used to be funny but later on people came with some scary Halloween costume ideas which scare the kid and other people in Halloween party. Halloween party theme is also varied based on audience interests, place and other factors. People starts their preparation of Halloween costumes much earlier as they often finds creative Halloween costume ideas over internet and in movies or even in series. During the Halloween month there are many offline and online stores starts special costume section for it. Not just the costume but people love to buy Halloween accessories as well such as rings, pendants, necklace, masks and many more things. Halloween costume ideas changes each year and it’s purely based on recent trend weather it’s any popular person, popular series or famous characters from movie and series.

In 2019 people loves to prefer Halloween costume based on characters or movies which includes Joker from joker movie, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, Captain Marvel from Avengers series, Aquaman from DC movies and many more. Kids, Toddlers and many young people still loves to wear Halloween costumes based on animated characters such as cindrella, woody, fred flinstone and such others. Don’t be surprised if you see Halloween costume ideas based on Thanos as well. If yes, then just wear the batman Halloween costume. Amongst the kids and babies Harry potter is still number one choice as Halloween costume ideas. Those who don’t love to participate in such Halloween parties would love to watch movies about Halloween at home.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Still confused about what to wear as Halloween costume on Halloween day? Don’t worry we have compiled the complete list of Halloween costume ideas for men, women, kids, babies, childrens, couples and adults. If you don’t have much money to spend on Halloween costumes then don’t worry we have list of homemade Halloween costume ideas well.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

On Halloween day women loves to wear some unique and creepy Halloween costumes. Some women and girls prefers to wear cosplay costumes. Cosplay means to imitate or represents particular movie or animated character closely possible. This year in 2019 many movies and series released so women can take Halloween costume idea inspiration from it. The best Halloween costume ideas for women would be Jasmine from Aladdin, Wonder Women, Captain Marvel, Daenerys Targaryen, Cercei Lannister, Harley Quinn or Robin’s costume from Stranger Things 3 season.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Men loves to wear super hero Halloween costumes in earlier time but not they prefers to wear Villain’s costume as well in Halloween party. Common Halloween costumes for men would be Vampire or Skeleton but the trend and popularity emerged since then. Now, Men and boys prefers to wear the recent trend. Some popular Halloween costume ideas for men would be Aquamen, Joker from IT, Joker from Joker movie, Batman, Black Panther and Sherlock holmes.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Don’t make the mistake which your parents did during your childhood on Halloween party by giving dull costume. Trend and year has been changed over the years and now kids looking at Halloween costume as competition with other kids. Each children wants to wear unique costume in their Halloween party. Kids wants to look unique while visiting the neighbor for Treat or Trick ritual. Now a days kids also like to mimic or imitate the popular movie characters. In this year the popular Halloween costume ideas for kids would be Groot, All avengers movie characters or super heroes and even villains like Joker.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couple

It’s extremely tough to find the right combination of Halloween costume for any couple but in today’s generation couple cracked the code to get the best costume for themselves. Couple prefers to wear the Halloween costumes based on popular movie couple. This year the famous Halloween costume ideas for couple would be Joker and Harley Quinn, Aquaman & Mera, Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow and many such costumes.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Adults in today’s generation are highly impressed with the TV or web series characters. For adults there are some popular Halloween costume ideas are Jon Snow, Daenaerys, Cersei, Steve and Robin, Money Heist Mask and many more.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are planning to buy Halloween costume from online or offline store then it will be very costly. Yes, you can avoid buying it from any store and rather can wear homemade Halloween costumes. Here are some very easy and cheap homemade Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Friends

If you are attending any Halloween party along with your friends then make sure you looks super cool in it. Group of friends often wears the same Halloween costumes in the party but now they like to take inspiration from popular tv shows and wears multiple cosplay cloths. Some of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for friends would be Friends group from Stranger Things, GOT characters, friends tv series, The big bang theory and similar more.

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

#1 Zombie Little Baby Costume


#2 Toilet Costume


#3 Alien Costume


#4 Cage Costume


#5 Mirror Man


#6 Father & Son Warrior Costume


#7 Beer Costume (Best for Friends)


#8 Genie on Flying Carpet


#9 Jaws


#10 Mount Rushmore


#11 Kidnapped Mermaid


#12 Head in the Box


I hope you enjoyed this collection and don’t forget to share your Halloween costume ideas with us.

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