The Legend of Hanuman Hindi Voice Dubbing Cast & Artists List [Season 1 & 2]


The Legend of Hanuman is one of the best hindi web series of 2021. First season of The Legend of Hanuman broadcasted on 29th January 2021 and it was huge hit on Disney+ Hotstar. Kids, Adults and Elders loved the first season of The Legend of Hanuman and they waited eagrly for the second season.

Second Season of The Legend of Hanuman launched recently on 27th July and right now most watched web series on any OTT Platform. This web series broke all the records and currently highest IMDB rated show stands with 9.4 ratings.

The Legend of Hanuman animated web series was created by Sharad Devarajan, Jeevan J. Kang and Charuvi Agrawal for Hotstar. This web series is based on Lord Hanuman’s life. We all know about Lord Ram, Lord Laxman and Seeta maata in detail but we hardly know about Lord Hanuman’s life and how he transformed from little kid to mighty god.

Don’t watch this web series from Ramayana’s perspective as it has every detail about lord hanuman and even each and every character of Ramayana. In The Legend of Hanuman each and every episode is dedicated to one character wheather it’s King Sughreev, King Vaali, Jambavan, Angad, Saampati and many others.

In first season viewers will know every detail about how Lord Hanuman became the god and also about her mother, Pawan Dev, Indra Dev and other important stories. In Second Season viewers will enjoy the season more because of Ravana and Indrajit. Ravana in The Legend of Hanuman is next level creation from the makers. His physique, animation, facial expression and knowledge was shown brilliantly in second season.

Second season added many characters like Akshay (Ravana’s son) whom many indian’s don’t know as we focused only on Ram’s story. Currently Ram Mandir is building in Ayodhya thus this web series is making space into Indian people’s heart.

If you really want to see the real animated series then do watch The Legend of Hanuman.

The Legend of Hanuman Hindi Voice Dubbing Artists List

Character NameArtist Name
Narrator 1Shaktee Singh
Narrator 2Sharad Kelkar
JambavanShaktee Singh
Shree RamSanket Mhatre
Shree LaxmanRichard Joel
NalRohan Verma
NeelAmit Deondi
SughreevVikrant Chaturvedi
VaaliSahil Vaid
AngadPushkar Vijay
ShurpnakhaToshi Sinha
Maata AnjanaRakhee Sharma
Pawan DevShailendra Pandey
Teenage RavanRohan Jadhav
Kid HanumanJasleen Singh
HanumanDamandeep Singh
Void DemonDamandeep Singh
HariyaAadityaraj Sharma
NirvaniPooja Punjabi
Raja SuketuVikram Kochhar
SwayamprabhaNeha Gargava
SampaatiRajesh Jolly
Devraj IndraRajeev Raj
RomaBarkha Swaroop Saksena
WalkhilyaSurendra Bhatia
Rishi VishravaSurendra Bhatia
Shree SitaSurbhi Pandey
VibheesanGireesh Sahdev
IndrajitGanesh Divekar
AkshayAjitesh Gupta
MandodariArannya Kaur
RavanaSharad Kelkar

The Legend of Hanuman Hindi Dubbing Cast [Season 1 & Season 2]

#1 The Lord Hanuman – Damandeep Singh

Damandeep singh has given the voice of main character of this web series and that is Lord Hanuman. No, we are talking about adult lord hanuman and he nailed his voice. We loved Damandeep’s voice as lord hanuman as it perfectly matches with him.

#2 Shree Ram – Sanket Mhatre

Shree Ram’s voice was given by talented Sanket Mhatre who has given voice in various hindi version of Hollywood movies. Shree Ram’s voice has some calmness in first 2 season and Sanket does the justice to his voice.

#3 Shree Laxman – Richard Joel

Shree Laxman’s voice was given by Richard Joel. In both the season Laxman has some angry scenes and Richard Joel perfectly maintain the voice tone according to situation

#4 Sita Maa – Surbhi Pandey

Sita Maa’s voice was given by Surbhi Pandey and it can be seen fearless in second season. She did great job in the season 2.

#5 Ravana – Sharad Kelkar

Ravana’s voice was the most important voice in this season after Lord Hanuman and our veteran voice over artist Sharad Kelkar given his 100% to build the perfect voice of the character. Sharad Kelkar is also narrator of this season. Sharad also given his voice to various south Indian movies for it’s hindi version.

#6 Kid Hanuman – Jasleen Singh

#7 Teenage Ravana – Rohan Jadhav

#8 Maata Anjana – Rakhee Sharma

#9 Pawan Dev – Shailendra Pandey

#10 King Sughreev – Vikrant Chaturvedi

#11 Vali – Sahil Vaid

#12 Angad – Pushkar Vijay

#13 Indrajeet – Ganesh Divekar

#14 Akshay – Ajitesh Gupta

#15 Jambavan – Shaktee Singh

#16 Nal – Rohan Verma

#17 Neel – Amit Deondi

#18 Surpankha – Toshi Sinha

#19 Mandodari – Arannya Kaur

#20 Vibheesan – Girish Sahdev

#21 Void Demoan – Damandeep Singh

#22 Hariya – Aadityaraj Sharma

#23 Nirvani – Pooja Punjabi

#24 Raja Suketu – Vikram Kochhar

#25 Swayamprabha – Neha Gargava

#26 Sampaati – Rajesh Jolly

#27 Devraj Indra – Rajeev Raj

#28 Walkhilya – Surendra Bhatia

#29 Rishi Visharva – Surendra Bhatia

This is the complete list of hindi voice dubbing artists from Season 1 and Season 2. Fans are awaiting for season 3 to watch some more characters. We are waiting for Kumbhakaran and the fight between Sree Rama and Laxman in 3rd Season and also awaiting to watch the Ayodhya.

The Legend Of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 release date is yet to be announced. As we can see that there was 6 months of gap in between season 1 and season 2. It was already 9 months since the release of The Legend of Hanuman Season 2 and there is no news of Season 3 release. Makers of The Legend of Hanuman didn’t released the trailer as well.

The Legend Of Hanuman Season 1 Release DateJanuary 29, 2021
The Legend Of Hanuman Season 2 Release DateJuly 27, 2021
The Legend Of Hanuman Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
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