16 Interesting Mount Rushmore Facts You Probably Don’t Know About


One of the most popular tourist destinations of USA Mount Rushmore is located at Black Hills region of South Dakota. Mount Rushmore has so much deep history and because of that it has so many incredible facts. This mammoth sculpture took 15 years to complete and so many workers completed this project. Let’s check some of the amazing and incredible facts of Mount Rushmore.

16 Mount Rushmore Facts

#1 In 1923 Doane Robinson from South Dakota dreamed up to create a major sculpture in the black hills to attract tourists in the state.

#2 The idea worked pretty well now, Total 3 million people visiting Mount Rushmore annually.

#3 Danish-American sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln thought that this sculpture should have national focus and they decided to carved 4 United States of India President.

#4 The four presidents craft on Mount Rushmore are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln for various reason.

#5 In 1930, The US Board officially named and recognized this as a Mount Rushmore.

#6 Mount Rushmore carving started in 1927 and completed in 1941.


#7 The team of 400 people completed the actual carving in 15 years.

#8 There was no casualty happened during the carving thus not a single men died during the time.

#9 Interestingly 90% of Mountain carving done with dynamite and more than 450,000 tons of rock removed from the mountain.

#10 On Mount Rushmore each president’s face is 60 feet high.

#11 Faces of presidents appears in this order – Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln.

#12 President’s face carving completed in this order – Washington (1934), Jefferson (1936), Lincoln (1937) and Roosevelt (1939).

#13 Gutzon died in 1941 and his son Lincoln took the responsibility to complete the sculpture.


#14 In plan Mount Rushmore also includes president’s waists carving as well.

#15 The entire sculpture project cost $1 Million Dollars.


#16 Mount Rushmore is granite it means rock will remove roughly 1 inch every 10000 years.

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