5 Best Stock Market Movies to Watch in 2023 on Netflix & Amazon Prime


Movies can be made on business, entrepreneurship, finance and other categories but the thrilling drama category tops the list is Stock Market. Whenever you heard about stock market movie then only one name comes to the mind and that is “The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo Dicaprio.

Don’t worry we will talk about this movie in detail later on. Movies which made on finance or business or stock market have always one hidden message behind it and audience needs to find it. If the movie is related with money then you should be prepared with some thrilling adventure because it will hold you from start to finish for sure.

Many of the movies about stock market may have reference from the real life incident or real life person who may have manipulated the stock market in various way – No, we aren’t talking about the Hindi movie Badmaash Company. Audience always loved the movies like The Social Network (Movie about Entrepreneurship), Wall Street (Stock Market) and other similar movies.

Many young generations still haven’t seen the movies more based on the Stock Market. Today we have listed few of the popular movies about stock market which you shouldn’t miss anyway.

Best Movies About Stock Market to Watch in 2023

#1 Wall Street (1987)


IMDB – 7.4 | Available – Disney+ Hotstar | Director – Oliver Stone

Wall Street movie was one of the finest movies ever made on stock market. This movie is still favorite for some of the bankers, analysts, brokers and traders. This movie made 2 characters extremely popular named Bud Box which was played by Charlie Sheen and Gorden Gekko which played by Michael Douglas.

In this movie the young and hungry broker Bud Box wants to achieve everything in stock market tried to enter in the circle of power trader Gorden Gekko. Somehow Fox enticed Gekko to mentoring him to provide the insider trading and that’s when the drama starts. This is the must watch movie for young people who wants to be start of Wall Street but without learning the basic rule.

As Gekko says “Greed is Good”. Wall Street movie was released back in 1987 directed by Oliver Stone. Budget of Wall Street movie was $15+ Million and it earned $44 Million at Box Office.

#2 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


IMDB – 8.2 | Available – Disney+ Hotstar | Director – Martin Scorsese

When it comes to best stock market movie than The Wolf of Wall Street tops the list because it was the most recent release for this genre. This movie made huge headlines and created quite a few controversies as well.

The Wolf of Wall Street movie was based on Jorden Belfort who was found guilty in crime related with stock market manipulation and Penny Stock scams. Leonardo Dicaprio played his real life character on reel life. Jordan Belfort is right now author and motivational speaker takes sessions on finance and stock market. This movie really boosted confidence and moral of those people who wanted to do something in finance world.

Hard work beats talent. Every time! – Jordan Belfort

Above quote is one of the most popular quotes said in the movie. If you really wanted to see some good movie on Wall Street than this movie is for you. Budget of The Wolf of Wall Street was $100 Million and it earned massive $392 Million at Box Office.

#3 The Big Short (2015)


IMDB – 7.8 | Available – Netflix | Director – Adam McKay

Do you want to know the cast of The Big Short movie first? Yes, the star cast of this movie was huge. The Big Short movie has quite sensational actors like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale & Steve Carell.

The movie was made on financial crisis of 2007 and how 4 investors made the big out of it. In 2008 the guru of Wall Street Michael Burry realized that housing market is about to collapse more than $1 billion of his investors money into credit swap. His step actually gets attention of Banker and Hedge fund specialist and they get the most of the benefit out of it. Budget of The Big Short movie was $50 Million and it earned $130+ Million at Box Office.

#4 Boiler Room (2000)


IMDB – 7 | Director – Ben Younger

No, Boiler Room is not a made up name but it actually has a meaning behind it. Boiler Room means a room or an office full of operators engages in high-pressure telephone sales for a worthless investment.

The movie was released back in 2000 starring Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi. Boiler Room is movie based on 19 years old college dropout student Seth Davis who sells fake or closed companies stock for a financial firm. The budget of Boiler Room movie was $7 million and earned around $28 at box office.

#5 Margin Call (2011)


IMDB – 7.1 | Director – J.C. Chandor

Margin Call is also somehow based on 2008 financial crisis where several main people at financial firm found that they are on the verge of bankruptcy because of their mortgage backed securities expose.

The main part of the movie happens quickly within the 24 hours where all key players forced to take some actions to control their losses because there were about to lose all their money. If you are really interested to know about what really happens in financial firm when it’s about to bankrupt or having the crisis. Margin Call movie budget was really low and made in $3.5 Million only and earned decent amount $20 Million at box office.

Other Best Stock Market Movies

Apart from above 5 movies about Stock Market here are few more interesting movies which purely based on finance, business or stock market.

  • Other People’s Money
  • Too Big to Fail
  • Rogue Trader
  • Barbarians at the Gate
  • Equity
  • Trading Places
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • American Psycho
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