6 Best Movies About Tornadoes – Top Natural Disaster Movies to Watch This Week


No one wants to experience natural disaster in their real life because it’s quite dangerous but when it comes to natural disaster movies everyone got excited. Movies about tornadoes, snowstorm, tsunami and rain considered as a natural disaster movies. Making movies on natural disaster needs quite strong budget and production team because it has quite a log CG & VFX. Here we are going to talk on movies about tornadoes. People know quite lot movies on tsunami including The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and the recent one San Andreas. These movies are basically on overall natural disasters including many things like tsunami, earth quake and snowstorm but primarily tsunami was the center thing. Over the years in Hollywood there are lots of movies based on Tornadoes which was quite successful and people loved it. Here we have listed 7 best movies about tornadoes released over the years which you can see this week.

6 Best Movies About Tornadoes

Twister – 1996


There is a difference between devastating and popular. Twister movie which was released back in 1996 has all the chilling things which need to be there in a tornado movie. The movie starts with little girl’s story named Jo Thornton whose life affected a lot when her dad gets killed in one storm. After the incident she became Meteorologist and had few plans for life until one storm hits her town once again. Jo wants to divorce her husband but due to some dangerous and life threatening situation both decided to save their lives first. The best thing about Twister movie is that it portrayed the real life problems in a way that it looks natural. People can connect with this movie so easily. Twister was one of the finest movie made on tornado ever.

Into the Storm – 2014


Into the Storm was one of the best visual masterpiece movie released in 2014. The effects in this movie were absolutely stunning and background music gives the thrill to life. If you haven’t watched this movie in theatre then you have missed something really good. Into the Strom movie is found footage disaster movie directed by Steven Quale. Into the Storm movie haven’t collected good amount of money at box office but the thrill was there and people who loves movies about tornadoes loved it so well.

Sharknado – 2013


This movie is one of the weirdest movie ever released based on Tornadoes. This movie released back in 2013 where several tornadoes arised from ocean which carried number of sharks to the cities attacking people on different ways. Sharkado movie is available on Netflix right now. Sharknado movie is comedy disaster movie and many people didn’t like it at all.

Night of the Twisters – 1996


Apparently there are many movies released in 1996 based on tornadoes and Night of the Twisters is one of them. This movie is based on Ivy Ruckman’s novel which has the same name. Night of the Twisters movie set in a small rural town called Dannebrog in Nebraska. The main character of this movie is art student named Dan Hatch who doesn’t have good relationship with his dad Jack. The movie started around the Dan’s life and we started to empathize with the character until the big storm arrived at Dannebrog. The movie didn’t lose it’s plot and showed how Dan was trying to save his mother, step brother and Jack from the disaster. Audience can clearly connect with the characters of the movie.

Tornado – 1996


Tornado is one more natural disaster movie released in 1996. Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead series played the main character in the movie Tornado named Jack Thorne. In this movie Dr. Joe Branson was the friend of Jack and he was an inventor who invented one machine which can predict the upcoming tornadoes and can save many lives of the town. Jack and Dr. asked government to fund this project as it can save many lives but government never listened and later on tornado arrived and everyone’s life affected badly.

Tornado Warning – 2003


Tornado Warning movie is not just about the natural disaster but it conveys the message that how government went deaf ear when someone informs that the natural disaster is coming. In this movie Jake Arledge who was the central character also warned the authorities about the upcoming tornado but no-one listened to him. Even mayor was more interested in vote raising party rather caring for their people. It was the main highlight of the film which was liked by the audience for sure.

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