7 Best Trading Apps in India for 2024 – Best Stock Market Apps with Brokerage Fees & Charges

Definition of Trading or Trade is pretty simple in an economic concept and we will discuss Trading in detail soon. Trading or Trade is a basic concept which involves the buying and selling of goods or services in exchange of payment or other modes.

In this article we will explain about the stock trading which refers to buying or selling shares of any particular company and of you own the stock of that company which means you own a piece of that company.

Financial market of India is growing rapidly and soon will emerge as one of the leading financial market in the world. The history of Indian share market is started from 1875 and the first ever share trading association in India was known as “Native Share and Stock Broker’s Association” which later known as Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Currently there is 24 share markets are there in different parts of country and so many financial intermediaries which includes banks, non financial corporations, insurance companies and mutual funds.

In India there is no age limit to invest in share market so, don’t assume that you need to be 18 years old to get started in stock trading. If you want to start trading in stock market then make sure you have the Pan Card because without it you won’t be able to trade.

Earlier you need to visit stock broker or call them frequently for trading but not anymore. Yes, now you can do online trading by sitting comfortably on your couch with plenty of mobile apps. All you need some good research on which trading app would be better as per your requirements. Here we are saving your time to provide all the details about best stock trading apps in India.

Currently many young people have started investing in share market and the major reason is that they want to be financial independent once they retire. In recent years many movies & web series based on Stock Market also released which influenced young generation to invest in stocks as well.

We have some extensive research on best trading apps in India but before that we would like to share one interesting data with you. Below is the 15 Biggest Stockbrokers in India based on the total number of unique active clients and market share.

NoStock BrokerActive ClientsMarket Share
11SHAREKHAN LTD.7600332.54%
14PAYTM MONEY LTD.2954270.99%

Above data doesn’t justify that if all the trading platform has fluent trading app or not. So, we have gone through each and every trading app available in the market and checked their features, pros, cons, pricing, brokerage charges, customer reviews and many more things.

Stock BrokerTrading Charges
Zerodha App<₹20/trade
Upstox App₹20/trade
Angel One App₹20/trade
Groww App0.05% or ₹20/trade
5paisa App₹20/trade
Kotak Securities0.25%
Aliceblue App₹15/trade
Paytm Money App₹10/trade
IIFL Securities App₹20/trade
Edelweiss App₹10/trade
ICICI Direct App₹20/trade

Here are the list of 6 best trading apps in India to use in 2024.

7 Best Trading Apps in India for 2024

#1 Upstox Pro App

Upstox Pro App is one of the most used trading app in India backed by top personalities like Mr. Ratan Tata. Upstox Pro App has 80 Lakh+ investors who do regular trading on the app. On Upstox you can do multiple trading including stocks, mutual funds, IPO’s & more. The most important factor or benefit of using Upstox trading app is that it’s fast, secure and having extremely easy UI for users.

Android Ratings: 4.4/5 stars
Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Top Features of UpStox Trading App:

  • Easy stock charts to make wise investments
  • Instant stocks buying and selling with one click
  • Put stocks in your watch list to stay updated
  • Explore Stock guide and help videos to invest in stocks


  • Instant & Quick investing
  • Easy-to-understand UI and trading charts
  • Limit orders, After Market Orders, and more
  • Trading on both desktop and app version


  • Rs 20 per trade is quite high for regular investors

Upstox Brokerage Charges & Pricing

  • ₹ 0 brokerage on Mutual funds and IPO’s
  • ₹ 20 or 0.05% brokrage whichever is lower on Equity Intraday, Futures and Options, Currency and Commodity
  • ₹ 20 or 2.5% brokerage whichever is lower on Equity Delivery

#2 Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite is basically Sachin Tendulkar of Trading Apps. Kite is one of the best trading apps in India by Zerodha having more than 10 Million installs. Zerodha is one of the most popular platforms to invest in Stocks, Derivatives, Mutual funds and more.

Zerodha is the largest stock broker in India with 8+ million clients having over 15% of all retail order volumes in India daily by trading and investing in various platforms including Futures & options, Commodity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Stocks & IPO’s, Direct Mutual funds, Bonds and government securities.

Android Ratings: 4.3/5 stars
Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Top Features of Zerodha Stock Trading App

  • Many analytical chart types to help for trading and evaluate market conditions
  • Plenty of Advanced options to place orders on App including Brackets and covers, After Market Order (AMO), and more
  • Latest Stock market news and updates to analyze the company and stocks
  • Easy UI & Navigation in App.
  • View your favorite scripts


  • Available in 10 Regional Languages
  • View market conditions from extensive charts
  • Place limit to orders


  • Account opening process is slow and tiresome
  • Only covers Indian stock market
  • Server goes down most of the time and user complaints in on Social Media due to trading hault

Zerodha Kite Brokerage Charges & Pricing

  • ₹ 0 brokerage on equity delivery
  • ₹ 20 or 0.03% brokerage whichever is lower on Equity Intraday, Futures and Options, Currency and Commodity
  • All direct mutual funds investments are free with ₹ 0 commissions & DP charges.

#3 5Paisa Online Trading App


5Paisa trading app is one of the fastest growing trading apps in India. 5Paisa trading app has the highest number of active users in India and users are increasing every quarter. 5Paisa trading app is considered as best trading app for beginners in India due to its features, pricing and simple UI.

5Paisa has 2.5+ Million customers in India and provides advanced analytical charts, easy and user friendly interface, lots of learning resources along with auto investing features. On 5paisa trader can stay updated with latest market news as well.

On 5Paisa trader can invest in stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, IPO’s and US Stocks.

Android Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
Android Downloads: 50 Lakhs +
iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Top Features of 5Paisa Trading App:

  • Trading available in stocks, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, and more.
  • Stock baskets suggestion by experts
  • Timely update and ideas for intraday, short term and long term stock investments
  • Get detailed research and fundamentals of 4000+ stocks
  • Learning guide available for beginners
  • Easy to use interface


  • Online Learning Guide
  • Available to invest in US Stocks
  • Advanced analytical charts available
  • Research tools
  • ₹0 commission on mutual funds trading.


  • Stock recommendations needs some improvement with concrete data

5Paisa Brokerage Charges & Pricing

  • ₹20 per order brokerage charges
  • ₹0 commission on mutual funds trading
  • Power Investor Pack: 499 per month
  • Ultra Trader Pack: 999 per month

#4 Angel Broking

Angel Broking trading app is one of the oldest and best trading app of India. Angel Broking was founded in 1987 and it has 3 Million active clients today. In last October 2021 Angel Broking crossed 6.2 million clients. Currently Angel Broking has 9% client share across NSE platform which made this app is one of the most trusted trading app in India.

Angel One is known to provide seamless and hassle free share trading platform with top class customer support. They have in-depth technical analysis report prepared by experts.

Android Ratings: 4.2/5 stars
Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Top Features of Angel Broking Trading App:

  • Paperless & Hassle free sign up
  • In-Depth analysis by industry experts
  • Portfolio maintenance services
  • International stock investment is available


  • ₹ 0 brokerage charges on equity delivery trade
  • 25 Years history (Trust)
  • Discover small cases to invest in valuable stocks
  • Ready made curated portfolios
  • Available in 6 languages


  • Call & Trade is ₹ 20

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges & Pricing

  • ₹ 0 Brokerage charges on Equity Delivery Trade
  • ₹ 20 for intraday, F&O, Currencies & Commodity
  • Free margin trade funding for 30 days*
  • Free brokerage for 30 days on all segments*

#5 Groww App

Groww App is one of the finest trading apps in India which allows you to invest in Mutual Funds, Stocks, Future & Options, US Stocks; IPO’s and even fixed deposits.

Groww Trading App has 20 Million+ Users and if we talk about active clients then this number crosses 8-9 million which is quite huge and trusted user base. With the help of Groww platform one can invest in stocks from Android App, iOS App or even web platform.  

Android Ratings: 4.1/5 stars
Android Downloads: 1 Crore +
iOS Ratings: 4.2/5 stars

Top Features Groww Trading App:

  • Allows investment in Fixed Deposits, Indian Stocks, US stocks, Mutual Funds, and F&Os.
  • Plenty of learning resources
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy UI & stock buying process
  • Advanced charts in Stocks and Mutual funds
  • Best App to invest in Mutual funds


  • ₹ 0 account opening charges.
  • ₹ 0 account maintenance charges.
  • Encrypted and secured platform


  • Brackets and orders, Cover orders are not available
  • Gold investment has been removed

Groww Brokerage Charges & Pricing

  • ₹ 0 account opening charges.
  • ₹ 0 account maintenance charges.
  • ₹ 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per executed order
  • ₹ 20 per order brokerage charges for Futures and Options.

#6 Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is also one of the best stock trading app in India due to it’s high end features. Kotak Stock Trading App has over 10 Lakh downloads on Android Play Store with 4.2 star ratings. Kotak Stock Trading app provides great features of traders and investors including experienced and beginners.

Features of Kotak Stock Trader App

  • Create watchlist to keep track of your favorite stocks
  • Simple and easy way to transfer funds from Bank account to trading account
  • Simple access to check available funds and margin balance
  • High end security
  • Get live updates of intraday chart, tips and market news
  • Easy and seamless trading
  • Advanced trading features are available
  • Best stock trading app for experienced traders


  • In-depth research analysis of Indian stock market
  • Trade in Real Time from the app or desktop version
  • Check real time stock movements (Real time Profit and loss status)


  • Chat support could have been better
  • Limited payment methods

Kotak Stock Trader App Brokerage & Pricing

  • ZERO for Delivery Trades
  • ZERO for Intraday and F&O Trades
  • ZERO for IPO and Mutual Funds
  • ₹ 0 account opening charges.
  • ₹ 499+GST account subscription charges.

#7 IndMoney

IndMoney is a popular stock market app that has gained significant attention and popularity among investors and traders. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the app provides a wide range of benefits to its users. Let’s explore some of the key advantages of the IndMoney stock market app.

IndMoney was originally portfolio management and analysis app/platform but later on it was giving much more investing options. IndMoney now provides various investment options such as:

Indian Stock Investment – Now you can easily open the demat account on IndMoney absolutely free and start investing in Indian stocks. IndMoney is extremely easy app and provides various investment features such as news & alerts, stock research and analysis, real time market data, social investing and many more.

Mutual Fund Investment – Apart from stock investment IndMoney also allows you to invest in Mutual Funds. One can also link their mutual funds portfolio with IndMoney to get the regular updates.

US Stock Investment – IndMoney is one of the most reliable platform to invest in US Stocks as well. All you need to just open the account and invest with one click.

Features of IndMoney App

  • Create watchlist to keep track of your favorite stocks
  • Simple portfolio management
  • Mutual Fund Investment options
  • US Stock Market Investment option
  • Real Time Market Data, News & Alerts
  • Stock Research and Analysis
  • Education & Learning Resources
  • Integration with Brokers
  • Security and Privacy

IndMoney App Brokerage & Pricing

  • ZERO Account Opening Fees
  • ZERO Profile Verification Fees
  • Zero Account Maintenance Charges
  • 0.05% Brokerage of Orders above 20 INR
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