12 Ways to Peace with a Roommate

University of Southern California is located in Los Angeles and considered as a global center for technology, trade, and arts. Studying in this huge university is surely an exciting experience. The university has two main campuses. One of the campuses is located near recreational facilities, museums and parks.

Going to this university for college is a big milestone. You’ll be coming across people from different walks of life. Some may even become your lifelong friends.

If you are settling in a dorm, one of the first people you will meet is your roommate. Without knowing it yet, this person can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Although the USC housing committee matches roommates based on similar profiles, this does not guarantee that you will be friends. Sharing space with a stranger can be challenging.

So, take a positive step after getting to know each other.Set aside time for that critical conversation- the ground rules.

What ground rules? Here are some.

Class Schedules

Sit down and compare class schedules. Do not disturb your roommate with your alarm when you prepare for class.

Bathroom Habits

Let your roommate know for how much time you need the bathroom. If you prefer not to share toiletries, have separate shelves.

Study Habits

There are many ways to study. Some prefer quiet reading, while others may need noise to concentrate.Find a middle ground. Or one can study somewhere else.

Sleeping Patterns

If you are a morning person and your roommate is a night person or has insomnia, this can be a problem. Noise and bright light can wake up the other.See how you can adjust your schedules so that both of you have 8 hours of sleep.


Discuss whether you are comfortable sharing clothes.Regarding borrowing money, this is a delicate topic to be addressed only when it happens.

Paying the Bills

Bills can lead to fights when the other does not give his/her share on time. Agree on a date when you will both give your share of the expense.

Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol

If you’re uncomfortable with tobacco, drugs, or heavy drinking, let your roommate know. He/she will hopefully respect your stand.


If you have a medical condition, let your roommate know so that he/she knows what to do in case of emergencies. Give the name of a family member he/she can reach.

Tolerance to Loud Noise

If you are easily disturbed by loud music or voices, let your roommate know. This will give them a cue about the noise limit.

Bad smells

Discuss whether cooking and eating will be allowed in the room. Food can attract insects if not disposed at once.


Is your roommate okay with your friends dropping in anytime? How about sleepovers?  Agree on visiting hours. If you need private time, let your roommate know that you need the room for yourself.


The USC housing comes with a microwave, refrigerator, and stylish furniture.Having a comfortable room is a big plus, but cleanliness needs to be maintained.

Unfortunately, people have varying tolerance levels for untidiness and disorganization.If one is messy and the other insists on cleanliness, this can be an issue.One solution is to divide chores.  Set a schedule to clean the refrigerator or take out the trash.

All relationships are learning experiences. College is an excellent time to start learning patience, negotiation, and tolerance.

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