100+ Best & Funny Happy Birthday Memes of 2019 to Share as Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are the occasion to enjoy, celebrate, for party, to fun and do many more activities. Birthdays are incomplete without celebrating it with friends or family members. During childhood we used to share candy’s to school friends on our birthdays but now we had to give lavish party or treat in some good restaurants to friends or family members. Unfortunate but that’s the truth because we have also taken the treat from them.

In today’s life people wishes Happy Birthday over call, SMS on Facebook or WhatsApp. Happy Birthday wishes will be there throughout the day in WhatsAPP, Facebook and even on Instagram. Mom & Dad sends cake images on Happy Birthday. Friends do share some cool jokes or memes on Happy Birthday. Cousins or Siblings do ask about the Happy Birthday Treats throughout the day. At the end of the day there will be surprise happy birthday party from them.

Apart from Happy Birthday Images, Happy Birthday SMS, Happy Birthday Quotes or simple Happy Birthday Message people loves to share Happy Birthday Memes on your Birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Memes of 2019

Happy Birthday Memes for Her / Girlfriend / Wife

If there is a birthday of your girlfriend or wife or crush and wants to send something funny to her then here is the funniest Happy Birthday Memes for her which will make her laugh or bring smile on her face for sure. If you want to express your love towards her then don’t wish Happy birthday to her with common messages just send one of the best Happy Birthday Memes and bring the joy of happiness to her.

cheers-to-the-birthday-girl-happy-birthday-meme daaaamn-happy-birthday-girl-meme funny-happy-birthday-meme-girl happy-birthday-girl-love-you-meme happy-birthday-meme-girl happy-birthday-meme-her happy-birthday-pretty-lady-girl-meme happy-birthday-you-sexy-thing-girl-meme bad_hair_day_inappropriate_birthday_meme1

Happy Birthday Memes for Him / Boyfriend / Husband

Want to wish Happy Birthday to your Boyfriend or Husband? Well, boys do like little bit of humor when you sends any message or even wish them with any quote. Boys or men love to look memes throughout the day either on Instagram or Facebook and they will not get tired. Send one of the funniest and best Happy Birthday Memes to him and bring the joy in his smile. If they are around when sending the Happy Birthday Meme then record their reaction and it will be hilarious for sure.

vintage_lady_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 stewart_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 scary_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 red_woman_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 overly_attached_girlfriend_boyfriend_birthday_meme2

nerd_girl_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 jealous_girlfriend_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 girlfriend_with_knives_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 funny_lady_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 dancing_couple_boyfriend_birthday_meme1

chloe_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 annoyed_girl_boyfriend_birthday_meme1 anime_boyfriend_birthday_meme1

Happy Birthday Memes for Father/Dad

Dad or Father possesses more humor and satire then any of us. They loves to read jokes and see memes on any other day. They laugh very loudly when they likes something or see any meme online. Dad loves to see and enjoy Father’s Day Memes and if you want to make them happy then send Happy Birthday Memes to him.

 24_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 ape_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 awkward_guy_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 batman_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 bearded_man_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 black_dog_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 cartoon_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 cute_infant_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 dr_evil_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 happy-birthday-dad-meme listen_kid_happy_birthday_dad_meme puppet_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 shouting_girl_happy_birthday_dad_meme1 trump_happy_birthday_dad_meme1

Happy Birthday Memes for Mother/Mom

What do you think your mom do in their free time? Reading books? Watching their favorite movie or tv series? No, they like to see the memes on their cell phones. They likes to read and enjoy memes equally to your dad. On the occasion of her birthday prepare or send Best Happy Birthday Memes for mother and record the smile of her face.

tough_toddler_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 praise_cat_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 panda_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 ostrich_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 mom_and_daughter_happy_birthday_mom_meme1

minion_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 love_pug_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 little_boy_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 happy-birthday-mom-memes good_witch_happy_birthday_mom_meme1

fozzie_bear_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 donald_trump_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 crown_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 child_wishing_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 birthday_cat_happy_birthday_mom_meme2 birthday_cat_happy_birthday_mom_meme1 abba_happy_birthday_mom_meme1

Happy Birthday Memes for Friend

Friends are for life. Friends are the one who makes your birthday extremely wild. The celebration or party of your birthday is not cheerful if your friends are not around. Friends are the one who always wishes you happy birthday first either by call or sending the messages. They find the weirdest Happy Birthday Memes for friend online and send you over WhatsApp throughout the day.

sloth_birthday_memes_for_friend2-1 sloth_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 sandwich_cat_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 rottweiler_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 red_man_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1

penguin_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 office_guy_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 interested_cat_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 hiding_cat_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 grumpy_cat_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 ceiling_cat_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 cats_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1 cat_birthday_memes_for_friend1-1

Happy Birthday Memes for Brother

Brothers may fight with you every other day but they love you the most. They send their best wishes on Happy Brother’s Day and always wait to send Happy Birthday Wishes on your birthday. If you have a brother and their birthday is about to come then here is the best Happy Birthday Memes for Brother to send on WhatsApp, Instagram or other channel.

when-your-brother-asks-you-to-bring-something-to-drink-birthday-meme happy-birthday-little-brother-meme happy-birthday-enjoy-your-cake-brother-meme happy-birthday-brother-meme happy-birthday-brother-from-the-same-mother-meme

happy-birthday-brother-from-another-mother-meme happy-birthday-brother-found-your-baby-picture-meme happy-birthday-bro-looking-forward-to-the-cake-brother-meme happy-birthday-bro-i-will-find-you-to-wish-you-happy-birthday-meme happy-birthday-bro-brother-meme

happy-birthday-big-brother-lets-party-meme happy-birthday-big-brother-hope-you-have-a-goot-one-meme birthday-happy-have-you-will-brother-meme big-brother-says-happy-birthday-meme

Happy Birthday Memes for Sister

Do you have any sister and her birthday is coming? Well, here is the best and funniest Happy Birthday Memes for sister to share or send on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

happy-birthday-little-sister-youre-adopted-meme happy-birthday-my-sister-meme happy-birthday-sister-cake-meme happy-birthday-sister-hope-your-birthday-is-absolutely-bananas-meme happy-birthday-sister-i-will-find-you-and-i-will-wish-you-a-happy-birthday-meme happy-birthday-sister-mems happy-birthday-thank-you-for-always-being-older-than-me-sister-meme happy-birthday-to-an-awesome-sister-meme happy-birthday-to-my-big-sister-meme happy-birthday-to-my-sister-meme happy-birthday-wishes-sister sister-happy-birthday-found-an-old-picture-of-you-as-a-baby-meme smile-its-your-birthday-happy-sister-meme

Happy Birthday Memes for Son

Do you have any son and his birthday is about to come? Want to send something funny as happy birthday wish? Well, here is the best and funniest Happy Birthday Memes for Son to share or send on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

happy-birthday-childhood-meme Happy-Birthday-Funny-Meme1 happy-birthday-funny-meme-son happy-birthday-meme-son happy-birthday-son-funny happy-birthday-son-meme happy-birthday-to-my-favorite-son son-birthday-meme

Happy Birthday Memes for Daughter

Do you have any daughter and her birthday is about to come? Want to send something funny as happy birthday wish? Well, here is the best and funniest Happy Birthday Memes for Daughter to share or send on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Happy-Birthday-My-Sweet-Daughter-Birthday-Meme Happy-Birthday-To-My-Daughter-Birthday-Meme Happy-Birthday-To-My-Favorite-Daughter-Birthday-Meme happy-birthday-you-sweet-girl-meme oh-its-your-birthday-come-i-clap-for-you-funny-memes the-number-of-happy-birthday-memes-on-your-facebook-wall-is-too-damn-high-funny-memes happy birthday meme

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