25+ Funny & Cool Happy Father’s Day Memes & Jokes will Make Your Dad Laugh

My dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend. – Happy Father’s Day

Father’s day is observed and celebrated on 16th June all around the world. Children’s do celebrate this amazing Father’s Day to honor their father or grandfather. Caring and happy father is absolutely god gift to any child and they don’t know how much sacrifice their father’s make to raise them.

Father’s are the strongest pillar of any children’s life without any doubt. Father’s do laugh on your joke, do cry on your sadness but always motivates you to achieve milestones in your life.

Well, here we won’t make you more sad by writing the whole Happy Father’s Day essay but let’s make this post more fun. Father’s do have very good sense of humor and sometimes they take serious things lightly as well. Let’s break the tradition this time. Confused? Each year you may have send the Happy Father’s Day Messages or Happy Father’s Day Images or Happy Father’s Day Quotes to his Whatsapp or Facebook profile.

After sending the wishes you may have received the common reply like “Thank you Son or “Thank You Daughter”. This time make things spicy and send Happy Father’s Day Meme or Happy Father’s Day Jokes to your father. Just record the reaction once they receive the Happy Father’s Day meme on his phone.

Yes, I personally tried last year by sending best, cool and funny Happy Father’s Day meme to my dad and his reaction was amazing. Here we have compiled the best, cool & funny Happy Father’s Day Memes & Jokes to send to your father.

Funny Happy Father’s Day Memes

Fathers are full of humors and they understands the jokes of their children. Many kids sends the funny jokes to fathers which makes them laugh. Memes are the top thing of 21st century and fathers are also part of it now.

Here are some of the funniest fathers day memes to share with your father on whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

1. Tony Stark as Father


2. Superhero Father


3. Grumpy Cat is right


4. Dad, Please check


5. GPS, What is that?


6. Oh Luke


7. I miss Father’s Day Meme


8. Is that it?


9. Batman Fan


10. Listen Dad


11. Father form GOT


12. Game First Child


13. But, I am not on Facebook


14. Monster Dad


15. Just want to Sleep


16. Oops, Sorry Dad


17. Take That


Happy Father’s Day Jokes

Well, on this father’s day don’t forget mothers as well. Mothers are more caring and loving then father’s and you are agreed on it. We have seen pretty much good Father’s & Mother’s jokes on how they treat their child. Here is the list of mother’s and father’s difference jokes for their children or kids.

1. That’s how you behave in Zoo


2. That’s not how you baby feed


3. Dad, Let me Cook


4. Dad, Nooooo


5. Dad, Let me Drive Pleaseee


6. Don’t Play with Me


7. Game First Dad


8. Let’s Go Trolley


9. That’s not how you eat


10. Princess Me


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