30 Facts About Bhutan You Need to Know Before Visiting this Country

Bhutan is one of the finest country of the world with amazing people, law, tourist attractions and many more. People know very little about this tiny country and yet to explore by many tourists. Here i have compiled the list of some amazing facts about Bhutan which people should know.


30 Amazing Facts About Bhutan

1. The population of Bhutan is 8 Lacs only

2. Bhutan has an area about 38394 Km Square which is less than of many states of India

3. Bhutan doesn’t measure country’s progress via GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Instead of GDP they have GNH (Gross National Happiness). Bhutan is the only nation in the world to do so.


4. As per Bhutan Constitution the country must have 60% forest rate. Currently Bhutan has around 70% forest rate which is quite impressive.


5. Bhutan’s capital city is Thimphu and the official language is Dzongkha

6. Bhutan has very strict laws and hunting is crime here. If someone caught they will be jailed up to 15 years. That’s the reason why they import all meats/chicken from India

7. In Bhutan almost 75% people follows Buddhism and second most followed religion is Hindu which is 23%


8. The literacy rate in Bhutan is only 59.5%

9. Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world because of their strict laws to save environment

10. Healthcare & School Education are free here. Bhutan Government bears all the education of every child and medical services.

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11. To your surprise India took over the control of Bhutan in 1947 but never tried to rule the nation. It was also recognized by United Nations as a country in 1971.

12. No Traffic Lights. Yes, the capital city of Bhutan Thimphu don’t have single traffic light.

13. Bhutan’s national sport is Archery and it’s quite popular in the country.

14. Television and Internet was banned in Bhutan until 1999

15. Phallus or penis graffiti/drawings on walls are common so don’t be shocked


16. Bhutan held their first election in 2008

17. Bhutan is ruled by the king Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck who came in power at the age of 26 and known as extremely down to earth person

18. Homosexuality is illegal in Bhutan and punishable too but you can have more than one spouse

19. Bhutan was the first nation who banned smoking and it’s illegal to sell tobacco in public

20. Plastic bags are also banned in this country since 1999 and people use cotton bags

21. An average life expectancy in Bhutan is only 62 years and it considered as very low (61 for males and 64.5 for females)


22. Bhutan is prime tourist attraction of the world and they received 134000 tourists in 2014. Yet this country don’t have any UNESCO world heritage sites

23. Bhutan has some rules for tourists which is painful because if you travel to Bhutan you must have to travel with tour operator and has to pay $250 per day

24. In Bhutan Birth date doesn’t matter because everyone gets one year older on New Year’s day

25. Bhutan is also known for it’s huge mountains and paradise place for backpackers. The highest point in this country is Kula Kangri at 7,553 m. The lowest point is Drangme Chhu at 97m


26. Bhutan might be the only country where husband has to leave his home and need to live with his wife

27. People follows traffic rules very strictly so don’t hesitate to cross the road on Zebra crossings

28. In Bhutan you will find maximum bars and pub and the nightlife of Bhutan ends very early

29. The national animal of Bhutan is Takin which looks very strong and can be found only in Bhutan

30. Bhutan is very faithful friend of Neighbor country India

31. Currently 24 languages spoken in this tiny country

Image Courtesy – Pixabay.com, Quora.com

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