13 Most Beautiful Roads Around the World You Should Go on a Road Trip

Everyone loves to take a road trip with friends, family or loved partner and you must agree on this. I have also been on road trips several times in my life and it gave me pleasant feeling as I roamed around beautiful landscapes, mountains and small rivers. I have witnessed beautiful sunrise and sunset as well in those trips. Sometimes I feel the roads are one kind of art and give you deep message about life.

Each and every road trip create new story of life, gives you idea about your future and a deep calmness into your heart as you are disconnected from the world and your work. Here I am going to list 20 most beautiful roads of the world where you will love to go on a ride.

#1 Road Trip to The Valley of Fire Road in Nevada

valley-of-fire-road-nevadaJeff Banke/Shutterstock

Roads have different shades of color. You might see the whole road in one color or shades of rainbow colors in roads. The valley of fire road in Nevada has beautiful red sandstone on both sides of road and it looks like they are on fire and reflecting the sun.

#2 Road Trip to Atlantic Road, Norway

atlantic-road-norwayIvan Tsvetkov/Shutterstock

You might have seen many article for this topic – This photo looked like photoshopped but actually are real and also seen this image in those articles. The Atlantic road in Norway considers as the most beautiful road. It stretches across 7 bridges and gives you lovely scenic view of Atlantic Ocean. If you want to see whales and seals then drive in calmer weather.

# Road Trip to Rohtang Pass, India

rohtang-pass-indiaIryna Rasko/Shutterstock

Most of the roads are beautiful in this list but some will take you on an adventurous ride as they are passing at the edge of the mountains and very high altitude. If you want to experience some blistering view of nature then visit Rohtang Pass India as it will give you the view of glaciers, mountain peaks and rivers. Next year I am going to visit this place on my bullet because I don’t want to miss this experience in my own country.

#4 Road Trip to The Interstate 70, Utah

interstate-70-utahColin D. Young/Shutterstock

Did I miss the snow? Some roads are built to visit during the winter season so does The Interstate 70 in Utah. Be careful while riding in winter but take courage and take your car on this road once in your lifetime. This road is surrounded by wolf canyon along with the snow and you will witness yourself as you are in any Disney movies.

#5 Road Trip to The Karakorum Highway

karakorum-highwayYongyut Kumsri/Shutterstock

Building roads on tough situations is really hard for the workers but it paid off to tourists. The Karakorum highway was bulldozed in early 1960 and 70’s and now connects 2 giant countries Pakistan and China.

#6 Road Trip to Milford Road, New Zealand

milford-road-newzealandchee.hong / Flickr

This is perfect picture to put as desktop wallpaper, isn’t it? The Milford road is in the heart of the Southern Alps and also a film location of the famous movie series “Lord of the Rings”.

#7 Road Trip to The Blue Ridge Parkway


After seeing this picture anyone can go miles to experience beauty of this trees and the mountain peak. The Blue Ridge Parkway will take you from North Carolina to Virginia and vice versa. It’s famous for it’s views of rugged mountains and Appalachian Highlands.

#8 Road Trip to Chapman’s Peak Drive

chapman-peak-south-africaMatej Hudovernik/Shutterstock

If you really want to test your driving skills than try Chapman’s peak drive road in South Africa. This road is around 5 miles long with 114 curves and offers you the sizzling view of 180 degree mountain and sea.

#9 Road Trip to North Yungas Road, Bolivia

north-yungas-boliviaSpencer Platt / Getty Images

What will you do if you need to drive in foggy road and at the edge of the mountain? Well North Yungas road will take you to the journey of beautiful & dangerous road. This road has only single lanes, tight turns and streep drop-offs so if you have tight control on your car then and then only go to this road else just put down your idea.

#10 Road Trip to Hana Highway, Hawaii


On this road I can even built my home. This highway travels along Maui’s coastline and have 620 sharp turns along with 59 bridges. This highway is complete package for you as it consists different views, waterfalls, rain forests and don’t forget the ocean. I bet you have to take extra memory card with you to capture the photos of this wonderful road.

#11 Road Trip to Overseas Highway, Florida

overseas-highway-floridaSathish S/Flickr

The world is such a beautiful place and high technology made this more beautiful. This highway connects mainland Florida to Florida keys and has 42 overseas bridges across 113 miles. This road will give you feeling like you are driving on the surface of the ocean.

#12 Road Trip to Scenic Byway 163

byway-163Al King/Flickr

I am seeing this road since my childhood in book covers, desktop wallpapers, magazines and everywhere. Scenic Byway 163 starts from Arizona border and take you through Mountain Valley in Utah. This road is 45 miles long but you will only see red rocks and deserts.

#13 Road Trip to Oberalp Pass in Switzerland

oberalp-pass-in-switzerlandIvan Pavlov/Shutterstock

We are talking about roads and still not mentioned Switzerland? Switzerland is popular for its scenic beauty in all seasons. The Oberalp Pass in Switzerland is only open during the summer and is a mountain road which is 6706 feet above sea level. If you are visiting Switzerland in winter then don’t forget to take train ride across the path.

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