Know Tea Culture and How Cup of Tea Looks Like in Different Countries

In the world each and every country has their own culture and TEA puts a cherry on cake. Tea has been always recognized as a superior drink amongst the rich and poor people. Here we have researched what is the culture and which tea was preferred by different countries. This article will help you and guides you the tea culture during your travel to different country.

#1 India

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India has a very rich history of tea. Masala chai has been served in South Asia for above thousands of years before the magnificent tea industry exploded during the era of British Rule in India. In India you will find every type of person at tea stalls during the entire day as they starts and ends their day with the chai. Above image is the white leaf Darjeeling tea. In India tea often serves to guests, friends & relatives.

#2 Japan

Matcha means powdered tea in Japan which is grown and processed green tea. Matcha is traditionally used in the Japanese Tree Ceremonies. The ceremony specially centers on 3 aspects – Preparation, Serving and Drinking of Matcha.

#3 British

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In past during 18th Century UK is the world’s greatest tea consumers per capital. Tea was the upper class drink in Europe during that period. In Britain black tea is usually served with milk. With the addition of sugar. People of UK take tea several times a day.

#4 Turkey

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Turkish tea which is also called as Cay which is very popular in Turkey it is served with a small plate and good designed glass. The black tea not consumed any milk but can serve with or without sugar.

#5 Pakistan

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There is no big difference of Chai in India and Pakistan. Both the countries have special relations with the tea. Creamy masala chai is favorite in Pakistan as they often take it afternoon.

#6 Russia

In a cup of Russian tea you will find several types of black leaves which basically brewed separately and later mixed up in the cup. Russia uses multi chamber port which is called as a Samovar with chamber of water and tea for brewing it.

#7 Tibetan Tea

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Butter Tea which is also known as po cha and has some other names as well in ladakhi terms and it’s a drink of the people who lives in Himalayan regions like Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Butter tea traditionally made from tea leaves, water, salt and yak butter. The tea is brewed for several hours for better taste.

#8 USA

USA Tea Courtesy: Flickr/avantreese In USA tea has a significant role as families often tend together for tea party. Iced tea usually made from strong brewed lipton tea and sugar. With this one can also add lemon and baking soda for some smoothness.

#9 Morocco

Maghrebi mint tea which is also known as Moraccan, Algerian and Libyan mint tea and it is a green tea specially prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar.

#10 Egypt

Tea recognizes as a national drink of Egypt and its called shai over there. Egyptian tea has 2 main variaties – Koshary and Saiidi. Koshary tea is prepared using the traditional method of first steeping black tea in boiled water for few minutes and sweetened with cane sugar. It’s often flavored with fresh mint leaves. Koshary tea is usually light tea where as saiidi tea considers as a heavy tea.

#11 Kenya

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Kenya’s major export income comes from tea. The country majorly produces black tea but Kenya prefers Chai (Tea with milk and sugar).

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