10 Most Beautiful Bookstores Around the World will Amaze You

You might love to visit libraries or bookstore in your city in your free time but have you ever seen such bookstore around the world which attracts you? Check out 10 most beautiful bookstores around the world which are more of a tourist destination than a bookstore.

#1 Selexyz Bookstore (Maastricht, Holland)


The stunning Boekhandel Selexys Bookstore of Holland known as one of the most beautiful book store of the world. This book store can be found Dominican church in Maastricht which is around 700 years old and built in 13th century. The church was abandoned and neglected for 2 centuries after the army closed the ornate building after 1794 invasion.

The 13th century church is now looks stunning now and it has a 3 story book shelf with elevators, staircase and walkways. The current book store’s design is arranged by Amsterdam based famous architecture firm Merks+Girod who also won the Lensvelt de Architect Interior Prize in 2007 for their work.

#2 El Ateneo Grand Splendid (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


El Ateneo Grand Splendid started as a performing arts theater in early 1919 and soon become a picture house and later people forgot it because television took place of it and they were not getting the audience. By the 1990, due to weak economy the grand splendid was under a threat of demolition.

Now we should thanks to Group Ilhsa which owns around 40 bookshops around the country and because of them visitors can reveal the beauty of this amazing bookstore. Every corner of this theatre utilized now. If you visit this theatre you will find stalls to the circle of the balcony, theatre boxes becomes the private rooms, and the most important stage serves as a café area with original curtains. This theatre is the prime example of how we can save and preserve important part of our history.

#3 Libreria Acqua Alta (Venice, Italy)


Honestly this bookstore is pretty unusual in the eyes of ordinary people and that makes it more creative to book lovers. This bookstore not only sells but also turns them into furniture, confused? Well, there is a book staircase in the store where you have to climb it to get a good view of adjacent canal. There were a large number of books in the store and placed inside the bathtubs, waterproof bins in one room. Due to constant flooding of Venice the book store’s name itself is a “Library of High Water”.

#4 The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles, CA)


The owners of this bookstore know very well that the book industry is in crisis as well as the store name too but they never looked back. The store first started online shop before finding their location in Down Town, LA. They increased their business in quick time and settled down in current location which is 16000 Sq Feet and once it was a bank.

Everything in the store divided in specific genre and every area is utilized. The old bank vault has all crime and mystery titled book, so if you actually need to go through an actual vault door to see the books.

#5 Powells Bookstore (Portland, Oregon)


Powell’s Bookstore spans an entire Northwest quadrant and it’s very large bookstore. If you personally visit this bookstore than you have to find a way via maps or large directory boards which are resembles airport arrival & departure board. You will find used, new, hard cover and paperback books in the store. 8000 visitors daily visit this bookstore and there’s a coffee shop too in the store.

#6 John K. King Books (Detroit, MI)


If you are not able to find any book than you should visit this book store. Yes, this book store is located in Detroit inside an old glove factory. As per John K. the owner of this bookstore they have first edition book of Mormon and lots of books signed by famous celebrities like presidents.

The store has 4 floors above ground and adjacent building which has collection of rare items and visitors can only see by appointment.

#7 Shakespeare and Company (Paris, France)


This small bookshop at Paris’s Left Bank is the most famous bookstore in the world. This store is also featured in Oscar-Winning movie of Woody Allen Midnight in Paris. Sylvia Beach opened the original store which was forced to close during 1941 due to Nazi occupation of Paris.

#8 Poplar Kids Republic (Beijing, China)


If you want comfortable place to read which also gives you colorful joy than you should visit this store. A ribbon of rainbow carpet weaves around the store, all across the floor, shelves and everywhere which turning entire bookstore into play store.

#9 The Lello Bookstore (Porto, Portugal)


The most beautiful bookstore in the world The Lello Bookstore built in 1906 by Lello brothers. The bookstore experienced many disrepair and in 1996 they renovate the entire bookstore. Now this place is a much of tourist destination than a bookstore. This bookstore’s real charm is carved wood ceilings, stained glass roof, red staircase, and a built-in wheelbarrow on rails for moving the store’s 120000 titles.

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