Summer Solstice 2019 Date, Traditions, Rituals, Facts, Celebrations & Images

Have you ever heard about the Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice? If not then read ahead because Summer Solstice is very important to understand about the earth and how solar system works.

What is Summer Solstice?

Summer Solstice or Estival Solstice which is also known as midsummer is the longest day of the year. Summer Solstice occurs when earth poles has it’s maximum tilt towards the sun. In simple language it happens twice a year when in sky the sun is the farthest north from Northern Hemisphere or farthest south from Southern Hemisphere. Summer Solstice happens in the northern hemisphere during the summer season generally on 20th or 21st June. This year in 2019 Summer Solstice is on 20th June.

Summer Solstice happens because the sun takes the longest or the farthest route through sky thus this day has the most day light and considered as the longest day of the year. We are not going into detailed Astrological science but it was the simple meaning of the Summer Solstice.

When is Summer Solstice in 2019?

In 2019 the Summer Solstice is on 20th June thus it’s the longest day of the year in 2019.

Summer Solstice Traditions & Rituals

Summer Solstice Tradition in Greece

In Greece there is one oldest Summer Solstice tradition called as Klidonas. On this day local virgins gathers the water from the sea. Apart from it all unmarried women puts the personal belongings in the pot and put in under the fig tree over night. On the summer solstice day the magic imbues objects with powers and the girls who dreams of their future husbands.

Stonehenge Summer Solstice Traditions & Celebrations


Stonehenge is one of the popular tourist destinations of the world located in England. During Summer Solstice Stonehenge receives the maximum number of tourists from all around the world. At Stonehenge one of the largest Summer Solstice celebrations happens.

Summer Solstice Facts

#1 In 2019 Summer Solstice happening on 20th June

#2 At the tropic of cancer the sun will be directly overhead

#3 Summer Solstice name happened because on this day sun appears to be stand still

#4 Tallest & Biggest bonfire happened on Summer Solstice in Norway 2016 (155.5 Ft)


#5 It is also known as the longest day of the year

#6 At Stonehenge thousands of visitors gathers to celebrate Summer Solstice

#7 Pagans also celebrates Summer Solstice with Ice & Water symbols

#8 Egyptian Calendar stars on Summer Solstice in Ancient Egypt

#9 In Alaska people celebrates it by playing night baseball game

#10 During the Solstice earth is actually the farthest from the Sun

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