17 Stunning Photos of Perseid Meteor Shower from Around the World

On Friday morning annual meteor shower happened and it was most watched annual perseid meteor shower. People around the world waited for this shower very late during night and woke up early in morning. Photographers around the world also shared their best view on social media platforms like twitter & instagram on that day.

#1 From the mountains


#2 Hold my Camara Please


A photo posted by Vidit Luthra (@viditluthra) on

#3 Super click from Dubai


#4 Small break in life


A photo posted by @singlefinner on

#5 Milky from New Mexico


#6 Texas Beauty Isn’t it?


A photo posted by Harmony C (@h_bear_rt) on

#7 Multiple Shower from Canada

A photo posted by Matt Quinn (@matt_quinn) on


#8 Magnificent from Lake Pickthorne


#9 Billion Stars from Poland

A photo posted by @myhandsmyeyes_images on


#10 No, Those are not aliens


A photo posted by Luka Ploj (@plojluka) on

#11 Calm and Compose

A photo posted by Baxter Bradford (@baxination) on


#12 Eye catching view


#13 Lucky California


#14 Straight from the Sky


A photo posted by Brian Yuen (@brianfroggie) on

#15 Can you spot showers?

A video posted by Aran Actiu (@aranactiu) on


#16 The best one


A photo posted by Stay Cold (@st8yxc8ld) on

#17 Croatia had beautiful view

If you missed those meteor shower to view from your naked eye then this will definitely helps you to not regret.


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