12 Abandoned Places in the World Photographers Will Love to Capture

Have you ever visited any abandon place? Recently I came up with this amazing photos of Abandon places on earth which gives terrific feeling. In world we have lots of abandon places whether it’s Olympic stadiums, houses, empty place after big tragedy and lots more.

In real life we are bit scared of visiting any abandon place but when we see any image of abandon place on internet it gives us pleasure. Here I am going to list some of the beautiful clicks of Abandon places in the world which definitely inspires you to visit place on one day.

#1 Floating Forest in Sydney, Australia (102 Years)

floating forest

The above place is the hull of the SS Ayrfield. After world war II  a large ship doomed for dismental process in Homebush bay. But, unfortunately the dismantling yard was closed and this ship along with other several ships were remained as it is. It’s been 102 years and this ship becomes the haunting floating forest which gives the best example of nature that can survive for a long time. If you lives in Sydney then must visit this place.

#2 Gulliver’s Travels Park – Kawaguchi, Japan

gullivers park

We all heard and watch movies based on Gilliver’s journey but Japan actually created one theme park based on this concept in 1997. This theme park constructed in the shadow of beautiful Mt. Fuji but the lack of financial help from Japanese government this place lasted only 10 years before being abandoned.

#3 House of Bulgarian Communist Party


Dimitar Kilkoff

During the soviet era House of Bulgarian Communist Party was the center of Bulgarian politics started in 1981. But after a decade of the fall of iron curtain this abandoned building symbolized the regime. Most of the building’s roof panel stolen. Some people want to restore the building to drive tourism but the cost of restoration is too high for the government and they left this idea.

#4 Hashima Island Nagasaki


Flickr: rwoan

Hashima Island is also known as Battleship Island as well as the ghost island. Hashima Island was the house of coal mining facility from late 19 to mid 20th century. This island has also hospital, school and restaurants but the whole place in disrepair now. In James Bond Skyfall movie this hashima island serves as lair of the villain and you don’t remember this place yet than watch Skyfall movie.

#5 Isla de Las Muñecas – Mexico


Flickr: citoyen_du_monde_inc

The island of the dolls is the creepiest place on earth and there is small story attached to it. This island is home of countless worn out and broken dolls just hanging on walls and trees. The former care taker of this island found the dead body of a little girl on the border of the island. Later he collected dolls from the trash and hanged all dolls on walls and trees of the island as a method of appeasing girl’s spirit. In 2001 the caretaker of this island found dead on the exact location where he found the dead body of that girl. Creepy.

#6 Pripyat Ukraine


Barry Mangham/Pixog

Pripyat city of Ukraine once has a population around 50000 and totally abandoned after the nearby nuclear disaster in 1986. Due to heavy radiation all people left the city and it’s untouched after the incident. Records suggest that it will be abondeded for many years as well in future. Now the nature is ruling the city and it looks like any apocalyptic movie.

#7 Mirny Diamond Mine, Russia



Mirny diamond mine is world’s second largest man made hole constructed by stalin. This mine was created to satisfy the Soviet Union’s demand for industrial diamond. Further they discovered that it’s too difficult to continue digging the massive hole so they stopped it and now the place is abandoned.

#8 Canfranc Rail Station, Spain



Canfranc Railway station is a former and popular international railway station located in Canfranc village of Spain. The construction of this railway station started in 1923 and opened for public in 1928. This station was the part of railway route through Spain and France. In 1970 train accident demolished the bridge on the French mountains and later under financial pressure French national railway company refused to build the bridge and this line was closed after this.

#9 Underwater City – China



Shi cheng was once a centre of politics and economics having maze of white temples, memorial arches, roads and houses. In 1959 Chinese government decided     to build a new hydroelectric power station and it requires a manmade lake. While building this dam the city is started to fill with water. The city is now under 131 feet of qiandao lake. Some divers found this city under the lake and reported that every brick is on its location and even wooden structure is not damaged under the water after so many years. This city was founded 1300 years ago.

#10 Dadipark, Belgium


Wim Van den Eynde

Dadipark amusement park or you can say simple playground which was opened in 1950 and shuts it’s door in 2002. The reason behind closing this park is because one boy lost his arm on one of the rides. Authorities explained that this park is closed because of renovation. Now this park has just graffiti but some underground state parks are still functioning.

#11 Domino Sugar Factory – Brooklyn, New York



The Domino Sugar factory was once a largest sugar refinery of the world. This refinery was producing Domino brand sugar and original refinery of the American Sugar Refining company. It was started in 1882 but due to longest labor strike in the history of New York City in 2000 finally they stopped operating in 2004. This refinery functioned over 148 years. In 2007 several buildings of the complex got landmark status.

#12 An Overgrown Palace – Poland



This castle was built in 1910 for the Polish Royalty which defined the stories of kings and queens in all their royal heritage. The castle was stunningly beautiful but the century turned out very bad for the country. The communist rule planned to transform the entire palace into an agricultural school and home for mentally handicapped children. After the fall of USSR this royal heritage of the polish royalty abandoned.

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