Shazam! Hindi Voice Dubbing Cast & Artists List – 2019 DCEU Superhero Movie

Shazam is one of the best superhero movies from DC comics. Shazam was released in 2019 produced by New Line cinema and distributed by Warner Bros. Shazam movie was the 7th installment of the DC extended universe directed by David F. Sandberg. The main character of Shazam was played by Zachery Levi. Despite of many fabulous superheroes in DC including Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, Flash and Aquamen, Shazam made his mark in box office. Budget of Shazam movie was $100 million and it earned $360+ Million at box office.

In Shazam movie, Billy Batson who is little child chosen by the ancient wizard Shazam as new champion and gets various super powers and billy along with his friends tries to stop evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana with super powers. Shazam movie was started by New Line in 2000 but due to various issue this film never made.  Later, this movie officially announced in 2014 starring Dwayne Johnson but he was chosen to do Black Adam role. Shazam was the lowest grossing film of DCEU but still it was success at the box office. Shazam movie received positive reviews from critics and the audience and became one of the most loved and funny superhero of the DCEU.

Shazam! Movie also released in India in Hindi dubbing as well. For any superhero movie hindi voice dubbing is very tough task as the writing process, right hindi casting and the audio settings are quite challenging task. Let’s check out Shazam! Hindi voice dubbing cast.

Shazam! Movie Hindi Dubbing Cast and Crew –

  • DUBBING PRODUCER – Main Frame Software Communications
  • DUBBING DIRECTOR – Eliza Lewis | Greta Lewis
  • SCRIPT TRANSLATION – Shanoor Mirza
  • RECORDED AT – Glimpses Studio
  • Sound Engineer – Anand Pawar
  • SHAZAM – Sanket Mhatre
  • BILLY BATSON – Vaibhav Thakkar
  • FREEDY FREEMAN – Naman Jain
  • SIVANA – Raja Sevak
  • WIZARD – Dilip Sinha
  • MARY / SUPER HERO MARY – Nishka Raheja
  • DARLA / SUPER HERO DARLA – Voice Artist – Sonal Kaushal
  • EUGENE – Aariel Narvkar
  • SUPER HERO EUGENE – Mohit Sinha Acts
  • PEDRO – Akshat Muppiri
  • SUPER HERO PEDRO – Rohit Juneja
  • ROSA – Sabina Malik Mausam
  • WRATH – Ninad Kale
  • PRIDE – Shailendra Pandey
  • ENVY – Parminder Ghumman
  • SLOTH / VICTOR – Mohak kale
  • GREED / LUST – Bobby Vats
  • SUPER HERO FREDDY / BURKY – Rajesh Shukla
  • BRETT – Saurabh Sharma
  • SIVANA – Nand Kishore Pandey
  • YOUNG THADDEUS – Vibhav Savadi
  • YOUNG SID – Amogh Ashdhir
  • ADULT SID / MISTER MIND – Shanoor Mirza
  • MALE OFFICER – Dinpaal Ganguly
  • BILLY’s MOM – Renu Sharda
  • B. Glover – Alka Sharma
  • KWAN / FEMALE OFFICER – Charu Gupta
  • LYNN CROSBY / RACHEL BATSON – Saanwari Yagnik

Additional Voices –

Warren D’souza, Sagarika Chandrakant, Preeti Bahadur, Arvind Kumar Singh, Parul Arora , Jasmin Thakkar, Arvind Koli, Sumedh Adsule, Madhu Rani Sunita Rawat Pai, Shaik Sheeba, Kapil Yashraj, Rishabh Hendre, Sarbhoy Manikant, Advait S. More, Krishna Kumar Upadhyay, Lavesh Ochani.

#1 Sankat Mhatre as Shazam


#2 Vaibhav Thakkar as Billy Batson


#3 Naman Jain as Freddy Freeman


#4 Sonal Kaushal as Superhero Darla


#5 Nishka Raheja as Superhero Mary


#6 Mohit Sinha as Superhero Eugune


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