High Resolution Captain Marvel Concept Art Released by Andy Park


Andy Park who is the director of visual development and concept artist finally released the first look concept art design of much awaited next Marvel movie Captain Marvel. The concept art was originally first released back in 2017 San Diego comic con festival featuring academy award winner and main character of Captain Marvel Brie Larson with red and blue super hero costume.

Captain Marvel Official Trailer

Captain Marvel is considered as one of the strongest super hero of Marvel. Captain Marvel comic was set in 1990’s when earth was caught in the galactic war between two alien races. Recently Captain Marvel Poster and trailer was released and many film fans appreciated it because of stunning visuals and brief idea about the story line. If you are Marvel fan then you would probably know about the Skrull and power of Captain Marvel.  Captain Marvel movie will release ahead of next Avengers movie and everyone is waiting desperately for this Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. In Avengers Infinity War end credentials we have shown a glimpse of Captain Marvel in Nick Fury’s device.

captain-marvel-official-poster captain-marvel-poster-cat

We have already seen some of the main characters of Captain Marvel movie along with Nick Fury with both eyes, Phil Coulson and Skrull. We have also noticed cat in the official poster of Captain Marvel which has also many theories behind it from movie gurus. Captain Marvel movie is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Captain Marvel Concept Art

Captain Marvel movie will release on March 8, 2019.

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