Marvel Avengers Assemble Complete Episodes List from Season 1 to Season 5

Avengers Assemble is Marvel Comics animated tv series where all fictional marvel superheroes known as Avengers fights with the villains. This Avengers Assemble animated tv series first premiered on Disney XD on 26th may post the huge success of Avengers movie in 2012.

The main super heroes are in Avengers Assemble was not fixed because as series passes the new members joined the team. The initial members of this animated tv series was Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Falcon. Avengers team is basically inception of SHIELD who created the team of super heroes to save the world from aliens and other villains. In Avengers Assemble there were plenty of villains to including Modok, Red Skull, Ultron, Loki (Thor’s brother), Thanos, Black Order etc.

In the later part of Avengers Assemble Animated tv series new members also joined including Ant Man, Miss Marvel, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Vision, Doctor Strange and others.

Avengers Assemble Season 1 Episodes List


Avengers Assemble Season 1 first premiered on 26th may and the first episode was The Avengers Protocol – Part 1. In season 1 the main villain was Red Skull who was dying because of imperfect super soldier serum and tied up with MODOK who upgraded the tech system of Hydra with the help of AIM. They then kidnapped the Captain America because red skull wants to transfer his mind to captain america’s body. This way the Avengers Assembled and defeated the Red Skull but he took the armor of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Red Skull even created his team called Cabal including Attuma, Doctor Doom and Dracula. Later Red Skull also included the invention of Justin Hammer’s Super Adapoid and Hyperion in his team. Avengers set their base in Avengers tower and agreed to fight with Cabal to save the world.

No. Episodes Originally Aired
1 The Avengers Protocol (1) 5/26/2013
2 The Avengers Protocol (2) 5/26/2013
3 Ghost of a Chance 7/7/2013
4 The Serpent of Doom 7/14/2013
5 Blood Feud 7/21/2013
6 Super Adaptoid 7/28/2013
7 Hyperion 8/4/2013
8 Molecule Kid 8/11/2013
9 Depth Charge 9/15/2013
10 Doomstroyer 9/22/2013
11 Hulked Out Heroes 9/29/2013
12 Avengers: Impossible! 10/20/2013
13 In Deep 11/17/2013
14 Hulk’s Day Out 11/24/2013
15 Planet Doom 12/8/2013
16 Bring on the Bad Guys 2/16/2014
17 Savages 3/2/2014
18 Mojo World 3/9/2014
19 The Ambassador 3/16/2014
20 All-Father’s Day 3/23/2014
21 By the Numbers 3/30/2014
22 Guardians and Space Knights 4/6/2014
23 One Little Thing 4/13/2014
24 Crime and Circuses 5/11/2014
25 Exodus 5/18/2014
26 The Final Showdown 5/25/2014

Avengers Assemble Season 2 Episodes List


Avengers Assemble Season 2 first premiered on 28th Sept, 2014 and the first episode was The Arsenal. In Season two audience and fans witnessed the entry of one of the deadliest villain of Marvel Universe Thanos who was on a hunting of infinity gems (stones) to power his infinity gauntlet. In season one final episode Red Skull already gave Tesseract to Thanos. Avengers successfully defeated the Thanos because Arsenal drained all the power of infinity stones and later ultron managed to take over Arsenal’s body. Avengers also defeated the Ultron and with that Ant Man became the new member of Avengers. Thanos is also managed to escape from Galactic prison with the help of Black Order which team consists members like Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight and Supergiant.

Squadron Supreme also arrived in season 2 consists team members Nighthawk, Power Princess, Doctor Spectrum and Speed Demon. Avengers also fought with the Squadron Supreme and managed to defeat them and believe me Hyperion is very powerful in front of Avengers team.

No. Episodes Originally Aired
1 The Arsenal 9/28/2014
2 Thanos Rising 10/5/2014
3 Valhalla Can Wait 10/12/2014
4 Ghosts of the Past 10/26/2014
5 Beneath the Surface 11/2/2014
6 Nighthawk 11/9/2014
7 The Age of Tony Stark 11/16/2014
8 Head to Head 1/25/2015
9 The Dark Avengers 2/1/2015
10 Back to the Learning Hall 2/8/2015
11 Downgraded 2/15/2015
12 Widow’s Run 2/22/2015
13 Thanos Triumphant 3/1/2015
14 Crack in the System 4/12/2015
15 Avengers Disassembled 4/19/2015
16 Small Time Heroes 4/26/2015
17 Secret Avengers 4/28/2015
18 The Ultron Outbreak 5/10/2015
19 The New Guy 5/17/2015
20 Terminal Velocity 7/5/2015
21 Spectrums 7/12/2015
22 Midgard Crisis 7/19/2015
23 Avengers’ Last Stand 7/26/2015
24 Avengers Underground 8/2/2015
25 New Frontiers 9/13/2015
26 Avengers World 9/20/2015

Avengers Assemble Season 3 Episodes List – Ultron Revolution


Avengers Assemble Season 3 first premiered on 13th March, 2016 and the first episode was Adapting to Change and it’s known as Ultron Revolution. Avengers Assemble Season 3 mainly surrounded with the Ultron. In this season Ultron was back with more power as he absorbs A.I.M’s Super Adaptoid technology. Ultron tried to replace the humanity with robots where one main plot was to destroy the humanity from InHumans city. In this season one more villain entered called Baron Helmut Zemo and defeated Avengers to avenge his father’s death. After this he created his own team named Masters of Evil and the members were Beetle, Goliath, Screaming Mimi, Fixer and Moonstone.

Kang the Conqueror also came in this season who is considered as the master of time travel and has immense power. Truman Marsh dissolved the Avengers team in this season and added new members in it including Red Hulk, Black Panther, Songbird, Ant Man, Captain Marvel, Miss Marvel and Vision and named it Mighty Avengers.

No Episodes Originally Aired
1 Adapting to Change 3/13/2016
2 The Ultimates 3/20/2016
3 Saving Captain Rogers 3/27/2016
4 Under Siege 4/3/2016
5 The Thunderbolts 4/10/2016
6 Thunderbolts Revealed 4/17/2016
7 Into the Dark Dimension 4/24/2016
8 Dehulked 5/1/2016
9 Inhumans Among Us 7/24/2016
10 The Inhuman Condition 7/31/2016
11 The Kids Are Alright 8/7/2016
12 The Conqueror 8/14/2016
13 Into the Future 8/21/2016
14 Seeing Double 8/28/2016
15 A Friend in Need 9/11/2016
16 Panther’s Rage 9/25/2016
17 Captain Marvel 10/2/2016
18 Ant-Man Makes It Big 10/2/2016
19 The House of Zemo 10/9/2016
20 U-Foes 11/6/2016
21 Building the Perfect Weapon 11/13/2016
22 World War Hulk 11/20/2016
23 Civil War (1): The Fall of Attilan 1/28/2017
24 Civil War (2): The Mighty Avengers 1/28/2017
25 Civil War (3): The Drums of War 1/28/2017
26 Civil War (4): Avengers Revolution 1/28/2017

Avengers Assemble Season 4 Episodes List – Secret Wars


 Avengers Assemble Season 4 known as Secret Wars and first premiered on 8th August 2017 and first episode was “Assemble”. In this season the main task of Avengers to bring back Tony Stark from the time dimensions. New version of Cabal including key members like Leader (Head of the team), Arnim Zola, Executioner and Kang destroyed all the communication link with Tony Stark and Avengers. Cabal was able to activate fail safe which activated the static expander which captive all the avengers to time and space. Captain America instructed to Black Panther to continue their work until they found us and bring back to home.

Jane Foster located all the Avengers and new Avengers team members divided to bring them back home with the help of special tether bracelet. Vision and Wasp helped Falcon to bring back from Kang’s location. Ant Man helps Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow to escape from Dimension Z from Arnim Zola’s control. Black Panther and Hulk managed to escape from a hunt by Executioner in the Asgardian wilderness. Captain Marvel and Miss Marvel helped Thor to escape from Enchantress. When all Avengers came back to earth then they found that Thor’s brother Loki took over the earth who was the main leader of Cabal.

No Episoded Originally Aired
1 Avengers No More (1) 6/17/2017
2 Avengers No More (2) 6/17/2017
3 The Sleeper Awakens 8/27/2017
4 Prison Break 8/27/2017
5 The Incredible Herc 8/27/2017
6 Show Your Work 8/27/2017
7 Sneakers 8/27/2017
8 Why I Hate Halloween 10/8/2017
9 The Once and Future Kang 10/15/2017
10 Dimension Z 10/15/2017
11 The Most Dangerous Hunt 10/22/2017
12 Under the Spell of the Enchantress 10/22/2017
13 The Return 10/22/2017
14 New Year’s Resolution 12/3/2017
15 The Eye of Agamotto (1) 1/7/2018
16 The Eye of Agamotto (2) 1/7/2018
17 Beyond 1/14/2018
18 Underworld 1/14/2018
19 The Immortal Weapon 1/14/2018
20 The Vibranium Coast 1/14/2018
21 Weirdworld 3/4/2018
22 Westland 3/4/2018
23 The Citadel 3/11/2018
24 The Wastelands 3/11/2018
25 All Things Must End 3/11/2018

Avengers Assemble Season 5 Episodes List – Black Panther’s Quest


Avengers Assemble Season 5 known as Black Panther’s Quest and first aired on Sept 23rd 2018 – Shadow of Atlantis Part one. Many episodes already aired till date.

No Episodes Originally Aired
1 Shadow of Atlantis, Part One 9/23/2018
2 Shadow of Atlantis, Part Two 9/23/2018
3 Into the Deep 9/30/2018
4 The Panther and the Wolf 10/7/2018
5 The Zemo Sanction 10/14/2018
6 Mists of Attilan 10/21/2018
7 T’Challa Royale 10/28/2018
8 The Night has Wings 11/4/2018
9 Mask of the Panther 11/11/2018
10 The Good Son 11/18/2018
11 The Lost Temple 11/25/2018
12 Descent of the Shadow 12/2/2018
13 The Last Avenger 12/2/2018
14 Vibranium Curtain: Part One 1/6/2019
15 Vibranium Curtain: Part Two 1/6/2019
16 T’Chanda 1/13/2019
17 Yemandi 1/20/2019
18 Bashenga 1/27/2019
19 King Breaker: Part One 2/10/2019
20 King Breaker: Part Two 2/10/2019
21 Widowmaker 2/17/2019
22 Atlantis Attacks 2/24/2019
23 House of M 2/24/2019

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