17 Kickass Interesting Facts about National Flags (2019)

Each and every nationalist have pride on its country and flag. Every country flag has its own interesting story and significance. You may only know about how your country’s flag was designed or what the motivation was or who was the designer behind it is. Here I will discuss about some amazing and interesting facts about national flags.

Interesting Facts about National Flags

#1 Republic of Ireland and Ivory Cost Flag Fact

Both the country Republic of Ireland and Ivory Cost have complete identical national flags as their tricolors are same but the difference is only that it’s in reverse order to each other. That’s truly an interesting fact about national flags of both countries.

Flag of Republic of Ireland

Ireland flag

Flag of Ivory Coast

Ivory coast flag

#2 Monaco and Indonesia Flag Facts

Monaco and Indonesia both the countries have identical flags in terms of colors and design. The only difference between 2 flags was size. Yes, flag of Monaco is little narrower compared to flag of Indonesia.

flag of monaco and indonesia

One more interesting fact here is that Poland flag is the opposite of above two flags Monaco and Indonesia.

flag of poland

#3 Romania and Chad National Flag Fact

Here both the country flags differ only in Blue tone color which is appears at first part of the flag. The romania flag has little light blue color compares to flag of Chad.

Flag of Romania

flag of romania

Flag of Chad

flag of chad

#4 Libya National Flag Fact

Libya flag was the only flag in the world which was in plain color during 1977 to 2011 period.

Flag of Libya (1977 – 2011)

flag of libya 1977

Flag of Libya – Current

flag of libya 2011

#5 Vatican and Switzerland National Flag Facts

Vatican and Switzerland are the only 2 countries in the world which have square flags. That’s truly interesting and worth fact to know about.

Vatican City Flag

vatican city flag

Switzerland Flag

flag of switzerland

#6 Liechtenstein and Haiti National Flag Fact

The European country of Liechtenstein changed it’s flag design in 1936 when they discovered in Olympic games that Haiti has the identical flag of their flag.

Flag of Haiti

flag of haiti

Flag of Liechtenstein

flag of liechtenstein

#7 China National Flag Fact

You often witnessed china’s flag and may questioned yourself as well why there is 5 stars on China’s flag. Well here is the answer. In China’s flag the big star represents the leadership of communist party where as other 4 stars represents China’s economic classes – peasants, workers, petty bourgeoisie, and patriotic capitalists.

flag of china

#8 Paraguay National Flag Fact

Paraguay is the only country in the world which has 2 sided flag. Yes, Paraguay flag has different emblems on its obverse and reverse sides.

Obverse Side – National Coat of Arms of Paraguay

paraguay flag front side

Reverse Side – Seal of the Treasury

paraguay flag back side

#9 Afghanistan and Cambodia National Flag Fact

These are the only 2 countries in the world that features buildings in their flag design.

Flag of Afghanistan

afghanistan flag

Flag of Cambodia

cambodia flag

#10 Czech Republic National Flag Fact

Czech Republic’s flag was actually identical to Poland’s flag so later they added one blue triangle at the hoist.

flag of the czech republic

#11 Denmark National Flag Fact

Denmark’s flag has its own significance as they have the oldest flag currently in use which was designed in 1219 and still unchanged till date.

denmark flag

Note – In Denmark it’s illegal to burn any foreign country’s flag but it’s legal to burn their own flag but with all the respect.

#12 Mozambique Flag Fact

Have you ever noticed any rifle in flag design? Well Mozambique flag has an AK-47 rifle design which is the only national flag in the world having such a modern rifle.


#13 Flag of Iran Facts

In the flag of Iran you will find Allahu Akbar word which was repeated 22 times in Green and Red letter.

iran flag

#14 India National Flag Fact

Well Indian flag has it’s own glory and history but here I will talk about something else about it’s flag. Indian national flag holds the world record of largest human flag involves 43830 participants on 7th December 2014.

india flag world record

One more interesting fact of Indian flag is that Khadi is the only material allowed to be used in the flag.

#15 Bangladesh

The interesting fact about Bangladesh’s flag is that the red round which is appears in the center of the flag is not actually in the center. Yes, the red dot appears quite left side so it looks at the center point while it’s flying.

bangladesh flag

#16 Norway National Flag Fact – Mother of All Flags

How can you forget Flag of Norway? Can you guess the interesting fact about Norway Flag? No? Well, let me tell you. The flag of Norway design has 6 other flags. It is also known as mother of all flags.

Yes, below 6 countries flag appears in the Norway Flag.

  1. Indonesia
  2. Poland
  3. Finland
  4. France
  5. Netherlands
  6. Thailand

norway flag

#17 Nepal

Flag of Nepal is the only non-quadrilateral flag in the world.

nepal flag

If you have any other interesting fact about national flag then let us know in comment box.

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  1. The Philippines flag is the only flag in the world which can determine the state of war of the country — blue on top means the country is at peace; red on top means the country is at war.

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