Harry Potter Movie Characters Hindi Voice Dubbing Cast, Actors and Artists (Part 1 to 8)

Harry Potter is one of the most popular fantasy movie series. Harry Potter movie is based on fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling and is distributed by Warner Bros. Harry Potter movie series consists 8 parts in which first movie name was Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone (2001) and the last one was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011).

Harry Potter movie has some fabulous star cast including Daniel Radcliffe who played the main role of Harry Potter. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson has also played Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger respectively which was also very crucial part in this movie series.

Each and every character of this movie series became hit including Rubeus Hagrid, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva and Malfoy. The most important part of this movie series were the actors voices as it has many characters in it thus it required different layered voice. Each and every actor did their best performance in terms of voice.

Harry Potter was immensely popular in India as well due to it’s apt Hindi dubbing. Makers of the series made sure that they gives the best voice to each and every character of this movie. Each and every character has its unique was which perfectly suited their role – Lip syncing was very perfect so, kudos to Hindi script writer of this movie.

During childhood while watching Harry Potter movie we may have wondered who given the voice to Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron and other characters. Well, here we are ending your waiting since childhood because in this article we are going to reveal Hindi dubbing artists and cast of Harry Potter movie characters.

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Harry Potter Hindi Voice Cast & Actors

Character NameHindi Voice Actor
Harry Potter (Part – 1)Ami Trivedi
Harry Potter (Part 2,3,4,5)Karan Trivedi
Harry Potter (Part 6,7,8)Rajesh Kava
Ron Weasley (Part – 1)Rupali Surve
Ron Weasley (Part 2 to 8)Nachiket Dighe
Hermione Granger (Part 1 & 2)Rajashree Sharma
Hermione Granger (Part 3 to 8)Parigna Pandya Shah
DobbyVinod Kulkarni
Argus FilchVinod Kulkarni
Filius FlitwickVinod Kulkarni
Pius ThicknesseVinod Kulkarni
FirenzeVinod Kulkarni
Sorting HatUday Sabnis
Voldemort (Early Part)Uday Sabnis
Vernon DursleyUday Sabnis
Cornelius FudgeUday Sabnis
AragogUday Sabnis
Albus DumbledoreAnil Datt
Arthur WeasleyAnil Datt
Nearly Headless NickKishore Bhatt
Quirinus QuirrellKishore Bhatt
Horace SlughornShahnawaz Pradhan
Garrick OllivanderShahnawaz Pradhan
Rubeus HagridDilip Sinha
Alastor MoodyLalit Agarwal
Dolores UmbridgeDishi Duggal
Gilderoy LockhartAmar Babaria
Minerva McgonagallPushpa Saksena
Rolanda HoochPratibha Tiku Sharma
Severus SnapeSujoy Sen
Sybill TrelawneyMeena Nahata
Petunia DursleyAbha Parmar
Molly WeasleySwati Subramaniam
Sirius BlackSamay Thakkar
Luna LovegoodNitipriya Ghosh
Myrtle Warren (Moaning Myrtle)Meghana Erande Joshi
Cho ChangToshi Sinha
Neville LongbottomHiren Joshi
Griphook GoblinGanessh Divekar
Lucius MalfoyPawan Kalra
Mundungus FletcherManoj Pandey
KreacherHarsha Prasad
Tom RiddleNasirr Khan
Lord VoldemortRishabh Shukla

Harry Potter Movie Characters Hindi Voice Dubbing Cast & Artists

#1 Harry Potter (Part 1) – Ami Trivedi

#2 Harry Potter (Part 2,3,4,5) – Karan Trivedi

#3 Harry Potter (Part 6,7,8)- Rajesh Kava

#4 Ron Weasley (Part 1) – Rupali Surve

#5 Ron Weasley (Part 2 to 8) – Nachiket Dighe

#6 Hermione Granger (Part 1 & 2) – Rajashree Sharma

#7 Hermione Granger (Part 3 to 8) – Parigna Pandya Shah

#8 Lord Voldemort – Rishabh Shukla

#9 Albus Dumbledore – Anil Datt

#10 Rubeus Hagrid – Dilip Sinha

#11 Severus Snape – Sujoy Sen

#12 Sirius Black – Samay Thakkar

#13 Dobby – Vinod Kulkarni

#14 Argus Filch – Vinod Kulkarni

#15 Filius Flitwick – Vinod Kulkarni

#16 Pius Thicknesse – Vinod Kulkarni

#17 Firenze – Vinod Kulkarni

#18 Sorting Hat – Uday Sabnis

#19 Voldemort (Early Part) – Uday Sabnis

#20 Vernon Dursley – Uday Sabnis

#21 Cornelius Fudge – Uday Sabnis

#22 Aragog – Uday Sabnis

#23 Arthur Weasley – Anil Datt

#24 Nearly Headless Nick – Kishore Bhatt

#25 Quirinus Quirrell – Kishore Bhatt

#26 Horace Slughorn – Shahnawaz Pradhan

#27 Garrick Ollivander – Shahnawaz Pradhan

#28 Alastor Moody – Lalit Agarwal

#29 Dolores Umbridge – Dishi Duggal

#30 Gilderoy Lockhart – Amar Babaria

#31 Rolanda Hooch – Pratibha Tiku Sharma

#32 Sybill Trelawney – Meena Nahata

#33 Petunia Dursley – Abha Parmar

#34 Molly Weasley – Swati Subramaniam

#35 Myrtle Warren (Moaning Myrtle) – Meghana Erande Joshi

#36 Cho Chang – Toshi Sinha

#37 Griphook Goblin – Ganessh Divekar

#38 Mundungus Fletcher – Manoj Pandey

#39 Kreacher – Harsha Prasad

#40 Tom Riddle – Nasirr Khan

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