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6 Best World-Known Festivals for Food Lovers

Are you a foodie? Do you love exploring food from the different regions of the world? Then you must have the idea what a food festival is. Numerous food festivals are organized every year throughout the world. In fact, attending a food festival means being in a new little world where popular as well as […]

10 Most Beautiful Bookstores Around the World will Amaze You

You might love to visit libraries or bookstore in your city in your free time but have you ever seen such bookstore around the world which attracts you? Check out 10 most beautiful bookstores around the world which are more of a tourist destination than a bookstore. #1 Selexyz Bookstore (Maastricht, Holland) The stunning Boekhandel […]

9 Coolest Facts About Russia People Hardly Know About

Russia is world’s largest country and we all know about that. But you might don’t know some amazing and hidden facts about russia which you should know today. #1 Largest McDonalds in the World Russia has the 700 seaters McDonald is the largest McDonalds in the world. The bigger McDonalds built during 2012 London Olympics […]