8 Best Wordle Alternatives – Top Word Puzzle Games like Wordle

Wordle is currently most popular word game all around the world on internet. World is one of the most simple word game which went viral in the year 2022. Wordle is simple mind teaser online word game which you can play for 5 min to exercise your mind and improve vocabulary. Wordle is slowly becoming addictive game and people love this game so much that they do share the results of the game online.

What is Wordle & How to Play Wordle Game?

Wordle is basically a 5 letter word game which played online. Each day there will be new word released to guess for players with 6 attempts. For each attempt player will have to guess 5 letter words to identify what letters are there in the final word.

Whatever word you place in the tiles then it will change the color depending on below criteria

  • Grey letter means the character is not available in today’s word
  • Yellow letter means that the character is available in the word but placed at wrong position
  • Green letter signals that the character is available in the final word and placed at the right position

For players there is one virtual board available from which they can enter the word. Once you add your first word then simply click on submit button. After the button click it will check and compare the entered word with final word and give you output accordingly.

If you guess the word correctly then you simply win the game and if you win the game two days in a row then you will receive the winning streak.

Currently wordle game has over 2 Million+ players playing this game and one of the most popular games at the moment.

The New York Times acquired the game in February 2022 in the 7 figure price which is huge.

How to Get or Play Wordle Game?

Well, Wordle game is currently free for everyone and it can be accessed or played by following this link – www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle. Player can come to this page every day to guess the word and play.

8 Best Wordle Alternatives – Top Games Like Wordle

As mentioned earlier, Wordle is most popular online game at the moment but has few limitations. Players had to wait for 24 hours to guess another words thus many people searching for “Best Wordle Alternatives” or “Best Games like Wordle” to enjoy the word games.

Here we are listing some of the best wordle alternatives which are exactly like wordle or may have additional features and advantages.

#1 Absurdle

Absurdle is one of the best Wordle alternatives for players. Wordle is simple and loving game by the players with some easy guesses where as Absurdle is pretty evil game. In Wordle game there is only 6 attempts for the players to identify the word where as in Absurdle you guess the word as long as you want until the final word.

Absurdle has 2000 word bank from which it changes randomly based on the algorithm and player has to choose the right word. In Absurdle game there is “Random Guess” button as well which helps you to put the words for guess.

#2 Custom Wordle

Custom Wordle is advanced word puzzle game which allows players to set the custom word to guess for their friends. Yes, in Custom Wordle game player can enter any word with any length and then share this to your friend via link so, they can give some good exercise to their brain.

#3 Dordle

Dordle is very interesting word puzzle game where player will have to guess 2 words at the same time by entering 1 word. Yes, in this game there is a section of 2 blocks where you will 7 guesses. After each word guess this game will change the color of the letter which shows you the correct position.

Dordle is pretty tough word game compared to wordle but believe me it will surely increase your words knowledge.

#4 Lewdle

 If you are adult then only play this game because this word game is not for kids at all. In Wordle or Absurdle there is large range of vocabulary to select or guess the right words. But, in Lewdle players will have to guess lewd terms or you can say dirty terms.

Lewdle word game only accepts the crude terms and if you want to play the natural game in this then kindly switch it to “Sheltered Mode” which surely accept some non-vulgar guesses.

#5 Nerdle

Nerdle is surely not Word Puzzle game but it’s number puzzle game. In wordle you need to guess the right words but in Nerdle game letters are exchanged with numbers. In Nerdle game players need to guess eight-figure mathematical formula by placing right letters and symbols.

For example if you enter 10+20=30 then nerdle will show that what number and symbol placed on right place by highlighting it in different colors. This Nerdle number puzzle game is one of the best games for kids.

#6 Queerdle

Queerdle is also unique word puzzle game available online. Queerdle releases new word each day which varies between four to eight letters. The beauty of Queerdle game is that the word should be related to LGBTQ culture and community only.

If you want to suggest some LGBTQ related words then you can suggest the game makers by clicking on “Suggest Words” link.

#7 Star Wordle

If you are big fan of star wars movies and franchise then Star Wordle word puzzle game is for you. Star Wordle game is exactly like Wordle game where you get 6 attempts for 5 letter words. If you guess the right character or any related words to star wars then it will change the letters and guide you to choose the right word.

#8 Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is one of the most advanced Wordle alternatives. Wordle Unlimited is by far one of the best word puzzle game available online. In this game you don’t need to wait for 24 hours to guess the next word. You can guess one word at a time and if you feel playing it again then simply continue with new word guess.

Apart from that this Word puzzle game will also provide the hint if you stuck somewhere. Player can also set the custom word and create their own wordle game and share with friends to guess the right word.

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