5 Best & Simple Ways to Save Money During Travel

If you love to travel and count the days until your next trip away, then finding the money to fund your hobby is hard. One way to indulge in your wanderlust more frequently is to find ways to save money on travel and this is not hard to do. If you are prepared to be flexible and to compromise some measure of luxury, then low-cost travel is achievable suggests Quora.

A few simple tips can save money and ensure that your next holiday is closer than you think.

#1 Talk to the locals and do the free stuff

Wherever you may be from Paris to Melbourne, the local inhabitants have more knowledge about your chosen destination than you could ever accumulate. They are a valuable resource that cannot be ignored. Simply strike up a conversation with a waiter in a restaurant over a Bacardi Zombie or two, or chat to a shopkeeper about the best places to eat, or the most worthwhile places to visit. The hotel concierge has usually got a brother or cousin who has a taxi business or a boat that tours your island and can offer favorable rates.

#2 Be flexible with travel dates

Being flexible about what dates and days you travel on can save a great deal of money. Picking a weekday to travel on can open opportunities to snap up flight bargains and traveling at slightly unsociable hours can save hundreds on transport. When you search online for a flight, make

sure you make it clear that you are flexible two or three days either side of your chosen date to see the price difference that a day or two can make.

 #3 Use rewards on hotel chains and coupons

There is a multitude of ways to save money by signing up to websites, newsletters, and following companies on social media. Hotel chains offer discounts to subscribers to their site and if you stick with a hotel chain, you can take advantage of cheaper rates and special offers such as an extra free night or free breakfast. If you come across coupons for discounted rates try and use them even if you must plan travel around them, it can add up to a huge saving in the long run. When you are surfing the net for KTM parts online or internet shopping for groceries, keep an eye out for vouchers, offers, and discounts that you can store up for your next travel expedition.

 #4 Walk, cycle or travel like the locals


Walking around a city is free. Pack a sturdy pair of shoes and see the city you are staying in from ground level. It will save a fortune in taxis and public transport and you might discover hidden gems that the average tourist will miss. Hiring a bike to tour an area is another inexpensive way of getting around and gives you the opportunity to cover a wider area for minimal cost. Low-cost public transport is another option to save money. If the locals use a bus route or train line it might be a little crowded, but it is bound to be cheaper than the organized tour that is full of bored looking sightseers.

#5 House swap or rent an apartment

Another way to see the area you are visiting from the eyes of a local is to stay in their home according to Money Crashers.

There are many sites that offer a house swap and if you can find travelers who want to visit your home town, a house swap is a cost-effective way to live like a local in a foreign location. You may have to be flexible about a destination and may end up staying in a city center apartment or a country cottage. The world is your oyster and by packing up your car and stowing plenty of luggage on the roof rack, Sydney, London or Denver could be at the end of your journey for a minimal cost

Low-cost travel is possible, as is saving money on travel. Once you have budgeted for your trip and found the best deals you can, try searching for the same trip without the flexible dates and without the discount vouchers. It is a satisfying exercise to see exactly how much money you can save, and once you have learned to travel economically you will never want to go back!


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