6 Best World-Known Festivals for Food Lovers

Are you a foodie? Do you love exploring food from the different regions of the world? Then you must have the idea what a food festival is. Numerous food festivals are organized every year throughout the world. In fact, attending a food festival means being in a new little world where popular as well as lesser-known kinds of foods are present just a spoonful away from you. But, are these all festivals are worth participating? As a matter of fact, they are not. Today, I’ll talk about some excellent food festivals where you can let your taste buds have the mouth-watering sensory explosion.

So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion on best world festivals food.

#1 Mid-Autumn or Moon Cake Festival


This is an ancient tradition and considered as the second most crucial festival of China after Chinese New Year. The festival has some deep meaning behind. It is a thankful approach to Moon and the entire year’s harvest. People make moon-shaped cakes and pastries with the fillings of egg yolk, lotus seed paste, jujube paste, sweet bean paste and five kernels. Other foods available during this festival are lotus root, tea, cassia wine and watermelon. You can enjoy the food in a beautiful ambiance and watch the dragon dance.

#2 Pizzafest

italian pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza! As a matter of fact, we all do. Then why don’t you have your favorite food from its birthplace! Pizzafest, held in Italy, is considered as the largest pizza celebration festival of the world. From Hawaiian to cheese-filled, non-veg to veg – you can have a wide variety of pizzas in distinct shapes and sizes. Pizza makers show their dough-throwing expertise live in this festival. The background music, playing throughout the weeklong festival, is awesome.

#3 Food Network’s Food & Wine Festival

wine festival

This festival is held every year in Miami Beach. Do you love Food Network recipes, chefs, and shows? Then you must come to this festival where famous chefs from Food Network share their cooking expertise live. There are over 8- events including seminars, dinner parties, wine tasting etc. Furthermore, the Grand Tasting Village offers you wide range of delicious dishes and wines. No doubt, it’s the most anticipated event of Miami.

#4 Maslenitsa Pancake Festival


Every year at the February end, Russia celebrates the end of winter season and welcomes spring with one week of Maslenitsa pancake festival. The round and golden pancake symbolizes the sun in Russia. You can enjoy a wide variety of pancakes together with countless toppings and fillings like caviar, sweet and sour cream, jam, butter, salmon, fruits and more. There is sweet bread named sushki is also on the menu. Other than abundant food, you can enjoy drink, sledding, exciting snowball fights, horseback riding and more in this festival. It is certainly a fun week and a great attraction for the tourists.

#5 St. Moritz Gourmet Festival


This festival is held in Switzerland. This 5 days celebration of quality cuisines and culinary variety made by renowned master chefs is a must to be part of.  A wide range of different delicacies, filled with the finest chocolate, will help you remember this festival for long. For example, in St. Moritz Gourmet Festival 2017, the chefs from the US pampered all the guests with mouth-watering dishes with gourmet highlights from various cultures. The event started with Grand Julius Baer Opening, followed by superb Gourmet dinners, kitchen party, and wine tasting.

#6 Salon du Chocolat

Are you a chocoholic? Then here comes another great food festival that can take you to the world of chocolates. Salon du Chocolat is held in Paris every year for 5 days. It is an ultimate destination for all the chocolate lovers. Here you can meet many pastry chefs and confectioners, taste delicious chocolates, know various chocolate recipes from the experts and enjoy a fashion show where the featured clothes are made of chocolates.

Tasty, isn’t it! So, what are you waiting for? Just keep all the worries about your waistline aside and pack your bag. Drop by a great food festival and explore new flavors, know new cultures. If you love traveling and take a break of at least one week every year to spend a holiday, then plan your holiday with these festivals’ timings. You can explore the places to the core while grabbing some tasty bites.


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