What is a 651 Vinyl – Difference Between 631 and 651 Vinyl


What is a 651 Vinyl?

Vinyl prints are growing in popularity thanks to its ability to make graphics and colors look brighter and defined in surfaces. In contrast to paper prints, vinyl helps images stand out and make an impact, therefore, making it ideal for banners and posters.

One of the most common variations of vinyl prints is  651 vinyl, which is applied using transfer tape to straighten out non-porous surfaces. They are a sticker but comes with a permanent adhesive that can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear.

This feature is why 651 vinyl is the ideal choice for slogans and text quotes on car windows or shops, designs for bottles, and mugs, and labels for kitchen storage. They can also be used on plant pots, walls, plaques, shadow boxes, or even as part of your marketing strategy.

What is the difference between 631 and 651 Vinyl?

Both 631 and 651 vinyl is considered as calendered vinyl. However, they both differ in a lot of ways, mainly in texture, application, adhesives, and finishes.

While 651 vinyl is permanent and solvent-based, 631 plastics are clear and water-based adhesives that are removable. The former also comes in glossy, black matte, and white matte textures as opposed to 631 vinyl, which is only limited to matte.

Opt for 651 vinyl for car decals and application on outdoor surfaces since they can withstand exposure to harsh elements. Meanwhile, 631 vinyl works on temporary applications like indoor walls, where it can easily be removed later.

Why Use Vinyl Prints to Improve Business Sales?

With the increasing demand of customers and market competitiveness, businesses are now spending more than ever on advertising. Last year alone, U.S. businesses spent roughly USD 151 billion on advertisements.

An economical yet effective way of driving more customers to your business is through the distribution of 651 vinyl prints. Unlike typical vinyl prints, these stickers are handy and are easy to distribute in small pieces to customers.

Distributing 651 vinyl prints help increase brand awareness, which is crucial in driving customers to purchase new goods and services. They also encourage repeat purchases and an increase in market sales, especially if you add rewards and discounts into it in the customer’s return purchases.

This enables your company to directly influence the buying habits of people so that they will no longer have to think twice about buying products. Vinyl prints are also more effective than YouTube ads since they will not serve as a distraction to the viewers.

A 651 vinyl print is also versatile and offers an extensive range of sizing to fit crucial business information. You can also add your logo, brand colors, and slogans to personalize your print designs and make it more attractive to the audience.

They are also waterproof and easy to clean as it does not leave any residue when you choose to remove it. You can also add a touch of color integrity to keep the audience interested in taking action.

Always consider your purpose and budget before searching for 651 intermediate vinyl. This helps narrow down your choices and ensure that you are getting the best vinyl design for your money.


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