Indian National Film Award Winners List for Best Feature Film from 1953 to 2019

National Film Awards in India is considered as one of the most prestigious awards. Yes, its bigger then Zee cine awards and so called filmfare awards. Actors, Directors, Singers, Writers, Cinematographer and other artists are dying to win this award. This National Film Awards is for all languages and states so; it’s not just restricted to Hindi language only.

Each year National Film Awards held and jury decides the winner for different category. There is plenty of National Film Awards categories so, it’s pretty tough for jury to decide. India has immensely talented people works in different regional film industry and this award gives them the best recognition on national platform.

This National Film Awards opens the boundary for new film makers because most of the time lesser known films, directors and artists won this award and gets instant recognition overnight.

In National Film Awards, Best Feature Film is considered as one of the most important award. There will be several entries for best feature film from different states in different languages and jury had to decide the winner amongst them.

Feature film could be on any subject which may be social issue, social cause or related to history and mythology. Feature film award depends on various criteria including story, direction, acting and other stuffs.

National Film Awards started in 1953 and recently in 2019 66th National Film Awards happened. Today we are going to list down National Award Winners List for Best Feature Film from 1953 to 2019.

Check Complete National Feature Film Award Winners Video

National Feature Film Award Winners List – 1953 to 2019

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