Introduction to Ethical Hacking – Learn About Cyber Crime & Ethical Hacking

ethical hacking

In recent times, it has become mandatory for every business to have a computer and then a website. The online industry market is worth trillions of dollars and companies battle it out in the internet to get a fair share. While it has become easy for the customers to get their favorite products and services at their doorstep, it has also given one disadvantage – cybercrime. Now, wait. Is this article about ethical hacking? Definitely, yes! But before venturing into more information, let us first look into the basics – the foremost of which is Cybercrime.

ethical hacking

Cyber Crime

The term means different meanings for everyone. But they relate it to negative activity. It can range from spreading computer viruses, bullying online, stealing information and processing unauthorized money/fund transfers etc. And, the major culprit is – you are correct. The Internet. But please note, that cybercrime can also happen in online chats and SMS.

So, when cybercrime is related with many types of negative activity, naturally there will also be various kinds. Is it? Yes, you are once again correct.

  • Computer Fraud – Deception is the keyword. It is used for personal gain by making use of the computer systems.
  • Violation of Privacy – The evil doer exposes personal information such as phone number, email addresses, bank account details and videos on social media platforms.
  • Identity Theft – Impersonation. In fact, you try to pass as another person taking into account his/her personal details.
  • Copyrighted Files – The work involves distribution of copyright protected files. Example ebooks as well computer programs.
  • Transfer of Funds – Gaining unauthorized access to another person’s bank accounts and doing illegal transfer of funds.
  • Laundering – Usage of computers to launder money.
  • ATM fraud–Your ATM card details (PIN and account numbers) are broken into, using high technical devices. Then, these details are used to take money from the bank accounts.
  • Service Attacks – Paid/Unpaid hackers make use of computers/laptops in various locations to launch an attack on servers to neutralize them.
  • Spam – You receive unauthorized emails, which are generally advertisements. But beware, there can be spy ware to spy on your activity. Or a virus to harm the PC or laptop.

Ethical Hacking

  • The perfect definition of ethical hacking is to locate weaknesses in computer systems or any type of computer network. They then devise a series of countermeasures to prevent the spread or infection of virus. However, ethical hackers must follow the code –
  • They have to get authorized and written permission from the owner of computer network or computer systems.
  • Prevent the release of confidential information from the organization that has been hacked
  • They have to report every weakness linked to the computer system to the management.

In recent times, information is regarded as a valuable asset of an organization. It can be the personal information of the company, its employees, data regarding its services etc. Or it can be the confidential information of the clients of the company.

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When a company’s information is hacked for spurious purposes, it can lead to loss of money if they deal in payment options such as PayPal. With regards to ethical hacking, the company can stay a step ahead of cyber criminals who can cause major loss to business.

Hacking is considered legal in case the hacker abides by the rules as per the definition of ethical hacking. He/she has to pass the certification program conducted by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. The certificates also have to be renewed after some time.

Skills Needed For An Ethical Hacker

You should develop the skills of programming, how to make the best use of internet, become perfect at solving problems, and expertise to use security tools.

Some languages you have to be proficient are Visual Basic Classic, HTML, Java Script, PHP, SQL, Python, C and C++, Java and CSharp.


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In this article, we have but given just a brief introduction to ethical hacking. We hope to post more articles on hacking methods.

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