Best Biceps Work-Out Methods to Try in 2019

When considering arm workout or fitness, a common mistake made by many individuals is not focusing on both the heads of the biceps. Most people are not aware of the fact that the biceps consist of 2 heads, which are active in all bicep workouts. These two heads are known as the short and the long head. Apart from this, brachialis is another muscle placed below the biceps. This muscle helps in bending and moving the elbow. Therefore, if you’re planning a biceps work-out, you need to be aware of the anatomy of biceps, especially areas like short and long head, and brachialis. It is significant to select a method that will result in growth in the above mentioned areas.

Here are some bicep workout methods based on science:

Method 1: Chin-ups

It may look odd, that chin-ups are included in the bicep work-out method. However, this method is considered to be one of the best way (also backed by scientific literature) to cause growth in your biceps. In a study conducted in 2014, it was proved that the chin-ups exercise proved to be better than some traditional exercises like EZ curl and barbell curl. Chin-ups are a good method for bicep training because of its compound movement and also because the biceps are made up off muscle fibers which respond best with heavy weight training. Therefore, Chin-ups is anamazingtechnique, since you can overload it with weight and thus, exercise in the right manner.

Method 2: Incline Dumbbell Curl

As mentioned above, this exercise is more about the long head of your bicep, which is located in the inner side of the arm. However, it is important to note that the movement of elbow flexing results in the activation of both the short and the long head. Major emphasis is given on the long head, because of the hyper-extended position your shoulder gets into when performing a curl. This results in the long head in your bicep being stretched, which enables it to generate more force. Therefore, this exercise is good for overall bicep growth and activation, particularly in the long head.

Method 3: Concentration Curls

Unlike the second method, this method focuses more on the short head of the biceps. This method activates the biceps the highest, as compared to many traditional exercises that exist. This exercise involves a combination of supination and flexion that results in maximizing the activation (EMG) of the short head. Furthermore, this method does not involve the anterior delt, which often play a part during curling exercises. Research also states that this exercise results in the highest activation or biceps with little involvement of the anterior delt. A reason for this is the humerus being pressed against the leg, acting as a hindrance for the arm to sway.

Therefore, these are some of the best bicep work-out methods of 2018 (also backed by scientific research) that you can use if you plan on fulfilling your fitness goals.

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