30 Photos of Easy Rangoli Designs & Patterns for Diwali 2019

Diwali is nearby and each wife, mother, sister and everyone waiting to design beautiful rangoli outside their home. Rangoli is one type of art in Indian culture which draws inside and outside of home during any special occasion or festivals. Rangoli is known as different names in different part of country. It is known as Kolam in south india and as Alpona in west Bengal region. Rangoli can made with different things like rangoli powders, ground rice powder, flowers and diyas. Sometimes it takes hours to design rangoli because of the beautiful design. Some are expert in designing rangoli and some not but they still can try to design rangoli outside their home. There is also readymade paper available with pre designed holes in it where one can easily design rangoli in seconds. These rangoli brings the joy on face and people loves to see colorful rangoli in their house. During festivals like diwali people also visits others home to see their rangoli designs and posts later on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Here we present the easy rangoli designs and patterns for diwali to design at home.





easy_rangoli_patterns_diwali7 easy_rangoli_patterns_diwali6 easy_rangoli_patterns_diwali5 easy_rangoli_patterns_diwali4 easy_rangoli_patterns_diwali3 easy_rangoli_patterns_diwali2 easy_rangoli_patterns_diwali1 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali12 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali7 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali8 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali9 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali10 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali11 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali6 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali5 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali4 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali3 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali2 easy_diwali_rangoli6 easy_diwali_rangoli7 easy_diwali_rangoli8 easy_diwali_rangoli9 easy_rangoli_designs_diwali1 easy_diwali_rangoli5 easy_diwali_rangoli4 easy_diwali_rangoli3 easy_diwali_rangoli2 easy_diwali_rangoli1

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